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New one here,
Scheduled for fusion 5/9. Have DDD, have had for 15+ yrs.
(age 48 male) had my umpteenth epidural on the tues. , no help on this one. Left arm pain, neck , headaches, numb fingers. same old story. Tired of the pain.
Seeing a nuerosurgeon , said he's going in thru the front.
Bone from the hip..6 screws. just looking for any input , what to expect. told me would be about 2 mnths. recovery..brace etc. Luckily I have short term dis, thru work. (6 mnths).
Comments on how to prepare, what to expect?
sorry all! Last post i was freaking!
Saw the surgeon on the 6th..said all looked well.,
Re: "the missing screw"
said he only uses the center right first, that way he can have some wiggle room (left, right, up, down) until he's happy. then sets top /bottom. no need? for other center screw. as I said before ..he wrote the at this point I still trust him.

5 weeks out now..feeling major pain is gone, fingers are back, still have pain in forearm , but I think that may take awhile. another xray on the 18th and back to the surgeon on the 20th.
should be collar off..I hope. Getting a little warm for it.

Hip is still a problem..been trying to walk every day but in NJ. humidity is bad..temps have been hi..95 plus, not good.
aches in legs, between A/C, heat and Humidity..not really sure. aches bad though. other than sleeping ..can live with it.
I do believe the hip was the worst. was not expecting that at all. Still can't sleep but 2 hrs. max. of course kids are coming and going..wife is coming and, dog..airplanes, cars . trucks..etc.

I hope when the collar comes comes off, to lay in bed for at least a week..ok , a day! an hour..really ready to go do stuff..pent up energy.

Toonce..screw sounds logical? I said ..hip was the worst. 5 weeks out, I can do a mile or so..hurts like hell though, on the way back.
I've been doing it almost every day, it's a struggle some days. But..keep looking foreward. I try to get out early or in the evening. ready to sit when I'm thru. Not sure if I'm pushing too much, again.legs ache when I try to sleep.
Funny..almost fell off the handicapped curb while crossing the street..couldn't look down with the collar..foot went off the side..saw stars..Jesus, Mohammed..all of them.
they all said"get movin"! Frankley, I wanted to cry.
I hope to start therapy next week..Can't wait!

Anyone have a sharp stick?

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