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cervical lordosis reversed
was this found upon just plain x ray as a finding or with an actual MRI? if it was an MRI, was there any other hard findings listed in that summary at the very end of that report? if all there was is 'just" the reversal of lordosis, it really is not in and of itself anything major or awful. it just means that the neck had lost that normal gradual lordodic curve that should just be there. it tends to stack the vertebare up upon themselves vs having them with less compression when that curve is there kind of thing? the absolute worst here is that it can just create a bit higher risk of slippage of the discs and vertebrae and that can be forwards or backwards, or side to side. its just something to be aware of and maybe have monitored with x ray from time to time, espescially if you start noticing any symptoms of possible herniation or ongoing neck pain.

many many people actually have this wrong with their c spines, me included. it can be something you were actually born with or caused by early or later trauma too. marcia
Why does it hurt soooo bad? It is dibilitating, so much so that I am thinking about applying for disability because I have other symptoms and yes it was only an 8 slide x-ray but it is explicit in these findings:
Cervical lordosis is reversed. Multilevel disc space narrowing, endplate sclerosis and osteophytosis, multilevel facet arthrosis, neuroforamina are encroached upon, multilevel cervical spondylosis".
I don't have insurance and doc gave me Tramodol for pain 3xday but I only take it at night. But a new development has just occurred: for the last three days I have a "tingling needles" sensation from the neck to shoulder in same area. I am scared.

Thank you sooo muh for responding to my note during such a freightful time. I don't know what to do. If I get stressed or sit at the computer for a while it hurts. Please respond.
It sounds like you may have other issues causing your pain and tingling that an X-ray will not show. You really need an MRI. Is there any way that you can get one of these? This is the only thing that will show what is happening with the actual discs and nerves (which are most commonly the cause of pain). I'm no expert, but I think it's unlikely that the reverse lordosis is actually the cause of your pain. I have this too, but this in itself was not causing my problems. Like feelbad said, a lot of people have reverse lordosis. However, it is usually disc problems and nerve impingement that cause most of our pain in this area.

It must be a scary position to be in without health insurance. Can you apply for any public health plan, like Medicaid?
There are 2 ways in which you get a reversal of the normal cervical lordosis. One is by sudden accident...that's what I had when I broke my neck. The other is a very slow reversal that accompanies osteoarthritis...I'm guessing that is what you have. That is not as dangerous as the rapid reversal. Your spinal cord has time to adapt. But you are going to need an MRI and possibly surgery to fuse your neck back into the correct shape. Mine is held in place with 2 titanium rods and lots of screws. are in Houston and have lots of great medical schools in your area. They are all connected with hospitals and should have low cost clinics for people without insurance...or even a sliding fee scale so it may be no cost. You need to see someone in neurosurgery who can correct your neck. You are risking paralysis at this point of you are starting to get tingling. Any weakness or clumsiness? Loss of function(weakness or clumsiness) and loss of feeling(tingling or numbness)means you are at risk for further damage and possible permanent damage. Time to act.

So figure out which hospital is affiliated with what medical school and start calling around to find out who has a neurosurgery clinic(Orthopedic surgeons do work on backs but a neck that bad should have a neurosurgeon in my estimation). Then make an appointment or have your doc get you in to one. You might need a referral. You can get help, you just need to do some homework and searching.

good luck....we're here for you......Jenny
Thank you Jenny so kind of you. I used to live in Houston but I recently moved to Central Texas because that last hurriane devasted everything we had...that is why I dont have insurance, lost my job because the plant flooded. Have almost gone thru my savings. I got really scared when you mention paralysis. I tried calling around to clinics,health communities and no one will see you that is aspecialist (neuro) without ins. I am going to talk to my doc for something call Neuroten...something I may not spell it right but the pharmacist said it would make the pain and tingling go away. I am also going to try to get on disability, I can't believe I'm doing this but I don't know what else to do. The dis. claim person said they would determine if I could be labeled as disabled or deny my claim, but at least they will determine what I have at no cost to me. What do you think? Thank you for being there. What state do you reside in?
Forgot to say only numbness in my fingertips of right hand middle fingers. No, no clumsiness or anything like that. This is really devastating me because I have always been fit and, I am scared to work out because my neck hurts at pulls and turns.
Medicaid is only for people under 18. And of course, I am too young for medicare. I called medicaid and they said Social Security Disability is the only one that can help if I try to file a claim for disability.
And here's the hard part with Social Security Disability. It's very hard to get. The average time to have a claim approved is 3 years and Medicare doesn't become available until 2 years after the first possible date you can be approved...which is 6 months after you 2 1/2 years after you apply you can get Medicare if you are approved. So that doesn't really help you. Especially since you don't even have a diagnosis and the only test you've had is an x-ray. 70% of all claims are denied the first time around. It's a real hassle.

You'd be better off finding some kind of job that offers insurance. Starbucks offers insurance to part-time employees(or at least they did). Get a part-time job and hang in there as best you can until the insurance kicks in then get to a doc fast to have an MRI and see if you need surgery.At least once you have insurance, you can keep it for 18 months if you have to leave the job. Expensive to buy Cobra insurance but my 2 cervical spine surgeries cost about $100,000 together.

Your only other option is that if you find yourself in a lot of pain or going numb, go to an ER. They have to treat you....doesn't mean they'll fix it but they do have to treat you and you might find out just how bad it is.

Here is the bottom line with necks. Your x-rays shows a lot but it doesn't show the crucial piece if info you and the docs your spinal cord compressed? All that damage can cause a disk or a bone spur or even the bone to press on the spinal cord. That can only be seen by an MRI. Your spinal cord is usually about 11-12 millimeters wide at the neck(actually its oval in the neck). It can be compressed to quite a degree before damage is permanent. I was at 6mms and still working full time. But I walked taking baby steps and kept dropping everything. I had almost no pain(not a good sign).Pain shows the nerves are still alive and kicking...screaming in fact. So I had a new surgery that re-shaped my whole spinal canal. Worked beautifully until I somehow managed to dislocate 5 vertebrae and break 3 of the 4 bone grafts in my neck 3 months after surgery. That's what I mean by rapid reversal.....took a minute to undo all the work done and then some.

So what you need to know is if your cord is compressed. The small amount of tingling you have may or may not be involved. It could be carpal tunnel syndrome causing the tingling. You won't know until you have that MRI.

So if you can bring yourself to get a part-time job with benefits, that will at least give you what you need to know if you are in danger. If not, try the ER route and beg them for an MRI. And ask for a copy of the MRI and the results either way. Then post the results here and we'll read them for you and help you decide what to do.

Hang in there.......................Jenny
Thank you I won't go the disability route...I do contract work so hopefully something will come up here. I am trying hard to find a job and that is a stressful job in itself. But if you would take time to hear this....there are times when the pain is almost nil. Right now I put some bengay and took my tradomol and I feel good even though I have been on the computer for 2 hours. Funny. But I will assure you, I am not going to let this thing get me down. I fell from two stories about 9 years ago and considered myself so blessed as I had no side affects except a scratch on my elbow. Now, this is manifesting. I also stood on my head for many years.......I still can with perfect balance but dont. I am starting Omega 3 and calcium for this along with my friends like you who care to post important things for us ignorant people who are just scared. I may have education, but this stuff I know naught about. Scary. Thanks Jenny! My tingling on the left side comes around 2X aday and goes away real fast. Not lasting.
One more spinal cord compressed...doesn't the word Neurofaromania encroachment mean something is being pressed? That is what the Xrays said.
The foramina are the outlets in the bone for the nerves that exit the vertebrae on the sides(each vertebra has a set of nerves that leave the spinal cord and go out to the body). Some radiologists called them neroforamina or in the case of a report, neuroforaminal. So neuroforaminal encroachment would mean the bone or disks are starting to close up the opening in the vertebrae where the nerves exit. It is "encroaching the nerve".That does not mean it is the cord...just the nerves exiting. That is why you have so much pain. Those nerves hurt...the cord, like the brain, doesn't. That is why it can be so dangerous. You don't feel the spinal cord being damaged except for the numbness and loss of function below the level of the pressure. That doesn't mean it isn't important. When those nerves get so compressed you start losing function in the area supplied by the nerve then you need to have that fixed. But your fleeting tingling in your fingers may be an early sign or a sign of something else all together.

Just remember this..pain is actually a good sign with a bad spine. It means the nerves are alive and screaming at you. Once you start to get more numbness and less pain, then you need help. That means a nerve may be dying and it needs to be freed up from whatever is pressing on it.

Hard to think of pain being a good sign but take it from someone who battled back from is! No pain, no movement, no feeling...that is bad.

gentle hugs............Jenny
Hello french44,

I was just wondering from your thread title about the reverse lordosis, if you have any swallowing problems or discomfort in throat area. It's a feeling that can change throughout the day from feeling like there is a lump in there to bit(s) of bone or something, but it never goes away 24/7. Can be very annoying in addition to pain problems.

Hi are you doing? Any better? Any news as to what is wrong and what they are going to do about it?

Miss you here...................Jenny
Hi, thank you for your note. No nothing like what you are saying, but if sometimes I have trouble swallowing like it won't go down my throat smoothly. And come to think of it it started about the same time as this. What troubles you? Is this your condition? I am on the computer now.
Jenny, I was wondering since you are a vet....can spouses of veterans that are deceased receive medical care at a vet hospital or clinic? I know recently I found I could get "points" preference for government jobs as a result of being a widow of a veteran so I sent off for his military records since I needed the info. I also know that I can be buried next to him where he is at the veterans cemetery in Houston when/if I expire. I widowed young with a baby 22 mo old.
Yes, I believe you can. I was just on the website the other day looking at benefits for my husband and I believe spouses do qualify even if they have passed on. Go to the VA site and and investigate. Might be your answer.

Thank you. Kind regards.
Hi Jenny, maybe I should get back on an old thread or start a new one. Hope to check in soon but have been investigating a few boards to try to isolate things with all these symptoms. Let's face it, it's the next best thing to the invisible doctor, right?

Hi french44, after that fall you had many years ago and with what is going on now, amazing you got away this long problem-free! By your answer, it looks as though you might have a slight 'swallowing delay' as well and maybe you won't see any further changes there. You don't need it anyway. I have some advanced arthritis, DDD, birth stenosis (9mm all the way), added stenosis, and reverse lordosis in addition to some nasty arthritis (nerve impingement) in sacral, lumbar, other body parts and one jaw joint. Who doesn't?

So I appreciated you answering about the swallowing issue; I started having extreme problems near the same time as cervical spine (pain in arms and hands, tingling, numbness etc.) and was sent for 2 swallowing tests and although there are problems appearing there, they don't know why (as usual). It looks like food goes down only on one side of the throat. Nowadays, when I open my mouth, the pain goes from the jaw into the clavicle, neck and shoulder, up the back of the neck. I paid for my own TMJ investigation about 5 years ago and he didn't see the severe problem I had, didn't take an xray and I high-tailed it out of there, knowing he was either mad, or an idiot, or both (my apologies but I have been trying to figure this out for going into 7 years now and am a little....ticked). I have been to one neuro, one neurosurgeon and that's it in 6 years of misery and worsening symptoms. The symptoms have come to a hault at the moment, and have not regressed into loss of use of any arms/limbs; only pain, tingling, numbness and occasionally, a kind of stiffness like a wooden puppet would get. Amazing to go this long like this, but apparently one little car accident would send me to surgery to prevent paralysis (bulging discs only encroaching cord so far).

Anyway, I am glad that your problem is not too severe in that throat and you can live with slight discomfort. To have the pain from the spine compounded with that major nerve problem running through the jaw (as I learned on this board awhile ago) really adds to the problem and lets hope you've got a good, healthy set of jaws to make up for everything else going on back there!

I'm glad you are getting some really good help on this board and hope you find alll those answers,
No, as stated, I am very healthy, so my only problems so far are left neck pain about 3 times a week chronic, otherwise, somewhat mild. I told you what the xrays stated. However, I have been through worse "things" in my life, like losing my new husband after 2.5 years and a 22 month old babe...and then losing my beloved dad. Now I have to take care of my elderly mom because all my siblings "don't have the time and you have always been her favorite so carry on." and I have, but the stress is overwhelming sometimes. I lost my boyfriend for never having time to see him, my teenager is rebelling because we are the only ones caring for her, I love my mom but sometimes the stress is much...that is probably this stress is now surfacing. But you know what....I am not a quitter and this is not going to let me down.Because I believe in a God that parted the Red Sea and I KNOW HE is there for me. So its all good. Hang in there. And thank you, my prayers are with you.

Yes, we face so much in our lives and you really have a great deal as well. I had read your posts about those cervical spine symptoms and wanted to thank you for answering my question. It seemed as though you found your symptoms of concern and have received some valuable input. If you feel that your symptoms are manageable, that is good news as the stress you face on a day to day basis, with so much responsibility can often manifest itself in our weak areas and cause us much pain, discomfort and in some cases, further deterioration.

Those of us who have suffered losses and many difficulties in life are with you and understand what it is like to have to continue to cope. Your attitude towards facing all that you have no choice in so courageously does not go unnoticed, and I'm sure many of us are hoping that you will be able to continue to deal with everything the best you can, as looking after yourself just seems next to impossible sometimes. Many of us know what it is like to face so much alone, and hopefully those family members will be a little more forthcoming with more than observing your heavy load.

It is a good thing that your faith is still strong as some tend to weaken a bit under all the pressure they are under and some lack understanding as to why so many things happen to them. Good for you and we are here for support!

I would also like to apologize for venting on your thread. I have tried to curb this and slipped up. Very sorry for this.

Hoping for the best for you and others who suffer,
Please don't apologize....relevant or not, feelings are the most important thing in the world. Whatever you feel, say it don't let it sit there. And you did not go on, I am glad for any attention bestowed upon this....and light shed. I will say one thing further, if bad things happen to us and we become bitter....well there was no growth there, just hurt and to me that isn't worth it. I know I am blessed in so many ways....if my siblings and their wives do not let them is their cross to bear and we all have those. In the end....we all got to do what we feel is right. I am bearing my cross/weight and it is all good. I am probably paying for the stress...but I saw a need and went to fill it. He aint heavy....she is my mom. I only pray that God doesn't ever make her suffer like I see so many cancer patients...I hope he takes her quietly. My mother is getting up in years and I never know when it is her last day here, none of us do. I have made my peace because I made her smile in the end. I know God will help me with my illness even though I don't have insurance....he is not going to let me down. "I look up to the hills from whence my help help comes from the Lord which made Heaven and Earth." Psalms 124.
Godspeed to all of you fine people.
SORRY TO be the bearer of bad news, but even medicaid doesn't have any neuro surgeons that take medicaid patients, i've beena ACTIVELY looking for about 2 years, im going slowly paralyzed because discs in my neck are ON MY SPINAL CORD. Ideal with numbness, and pins and needles, and losing use of my left elbo and arms

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