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Severe stenosis
Mar 13, 2015
Hi, I was wondering if someone could interpret my MRI results for me. They sound pretty scary to me and I would like to understand them so I am better equipped when I see the doctor. I am awaiting an appointment with a spine doctor; within 4 weeks I am assured.
Here are my results:

-Straightening and slight reversal of the normal cervical lordosis.

-At C3/4, there is a prominent disc /osteophyte complex causing moderate central canal stenosis and frank indentation of the ventral surface of the cord. Bilateral exit foraminal stenosis, slightly worse to the right.

-At C4/5, there are mild degenerative changes within the disc. No encroachment on the cord or exiting foramina.

-At C5/6, there is severe central canal stenosis due to a prominent disc/osteophyte complex with cord compression and near complete effacement of the circumferential CSF around the cord. Bilateral exit foraminal stenosis, moderate on the right and severe to the left with compromise of the left exiting C6 root.

-At C6/7, there is mild central canal narrowing. Exit foramina are patent.

-AtC7/T1, central canal and exit foramina are patent.

Normal appearances of the cervical cord and craniocervical junction.

Comments: Severe cervical spondylosis at C3/4 and C5/6, the latter associated with severe central canal stenoses and compromise of the cervical cord.

Thank you in advance.

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