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... No pain No surgery imho you can work on your weakness Try this Heat & Ice 6 times a day Get some Capsaicin Cream use twice a day (2 replies)
... NS recommended 3 level ACDF based on my MRI findings, but I am torn whether to go for the surgery or not. I do not have any pain in my neck or in my arms. ... (2 replies)
... Here are the results from my MRI, any help is appreciated. I apologize for the re-post. ---- Findings: There is loss of normal cervical lordosis. Multi-level degenerative disk disease superimposed upon what appears to be congenitally narrowed spinal canal. No focal cord is abnormality is demonstrated. No cerebellar tonsillar herniation. No prevertebreal soft tissue... (0 replies)

... Please find blow my 2014 Jan MRI findings: I have seen 3 doctors so far, one recommended Epidural, the other recommended PT and the last one recommended 3 level ACDF. My right arm is getting weaker and I can see that my right arm biceps is not as strong as the left one. Any advice would help... I am in my 30's so concerned about doing ACDF at this age but at the same time... (0 replies)
... SpineAZ, this was a very informative post. I have been trying to decide whether to get a posterior foraminotomy or a one level ACDF. My C6 nerve is being compressed due to an enlarged facet joint in a foramen that is almost closed. The disc looks not bad - only a slight bulge, so doesn't really need surgery. But some doctors are recommending a disc removal and fusion... (30 replies)
... Hello !!! This is my first time here so have patience, please. Stumbled across this forum while doing some research through Google. Hope to find some first hand answers and opinions from you all. Short background... I am a professional opera singer, 47 years old, dramatic baritone, been doing it for almost 25 years. Don´t really know when and how the mess got started but... (1 replies)
... I'm seven months out from level 3 cervical discectomy and fusion (C4-C7), with hardware. My experience is that this is a difficult surgery to recoup from. I had herniated discs and severe spinal stenosis at every level that was fused. I also have severe degenerative arthritis in my neck at each level. I was having the typical pains in my arms, hands, etc. I had pain along... (8 replies)
... had this done several years ago. NS warned me about possible issues with C7-T1 and now I am having those issues. May 12th woke up in morning felt kink in neck and couldn't even stand up. Went to emerg rm then in hosp for 2 days being pumped full of pain meds, finally got up and walked out AMA and made appt to see my NS. I am now going to get an epidural steroid injection right... (8 replies)
... C7 in 2006. In 2009 I had to have another ACDF and at the time, my neuro removed the original plate and screws. ... (8 replies)
... I played football through high school, and ice hockey into my early 30's. In both sports I had some fairly heavy impacts involving my head. I can recall as far back as 8th grade football, taking a big impact and having it radiate down my arms, making my arms go limp They called it a 'stinger' and the coaches acted like it was nothing. I am guessing those kinds of things... (8 replies)
... of an ACDF at one level necessitating an ACDF at the next level down. This would indicate a correlative, rather than a causative relationship. ... (8 replies)
... In talking to my doc about this same issue(destruction of the level below a fusion) he told me that the size of the fusion has more to do with it than anything else. The longer the fusion, the higher the chances of it "rocking" on the vertebra below and causing herniations and arthritic changes. I doubt the doc was thinking about how much you'd lose by adding the T1... (8 replies)
... I have level 3 acdf of C4-C7 Jan 19. There is a shiny new 2 1/2 inch titanium plate in there as well. The reason I had surgery was to fix some severe stenosis in that area. I also had a lot of neck should arm and rib pain from pinched nerve/inflammation/arthritis in my cervical spine. The first month post op, I was in a lot of pain. I had muscle spasms and all kinds of... (7 replies)
... I recently had 3-level ACDF (C4-C7) in December 2010 due to herniated, bulging disks, stenosis, bone spurs, etc. I had a rough go after surgery with increased arm pain, tingling and numbness, really awful shoulder pain, but with time it seems to be getting better, although everyday is different. Of course wearing that torture devise, the cervical collar, was horrendous! I'm... (9 replies)
... Limited by metallic artifacts. No significant spinal stenosis. Moderate bilateral C7 foraminal encroachment is stable. ... (4 replies)
... Hi All, Before my surgery, it felt like I couldn't get a full breath and it really freaked me out. I thought the worst of course being a nurse (former smoker) and all. Anyway, after surgery, I had brief peroids of not breathing and my family called the nurse and I woke up with everyone staring at me. They had me on oxygen for a night or 2 also. Since that time in the... (13 replies)
ACDF on Sept. 8
Sep 30, 2008
... Greetings, Latest update, three weeks and one day since 3-level ACDF: Progress continues, and each day it gets better! First post-op visit to my neurosurgeon was last Wednesday (09/24) - he was impressed with my progress, and was confident that fusion was occurring (he took an x-ray just to be sure). He suggested that I could wear a soft collar in order to drive, but... (13 replies)
ACDF on Sept. 8
Sep 13, 2008
... Jay Bee, Yes, I plan on working from home initially, using the laptop my company gave me when I started. I initially asked for 5 weeks of leave of absence, as everyone is different when it comes to recovery from ACDF. My neurosurgeon filled out the return to work form, indicating a return in November, which I believe is a worst-case scenario. My first check-up will be... (13 replies)
ACDF on Sept. 8
Sep 11, 2008
... Three days post-op, and I'm feeling pretty darn good! The surgery went off without a hitch, except that it took about an hour longer than the neurosurgeon expected. Apparently, there was some difficulty accessing C4-C5 as he made his way up my cervical spine from C6-C7, but no issues, just extra time. He said lots of osteophytes (bone spurs) on both sides, which he removed...I... (13 replies)
ACDF on Sept. 8
Sep 1, 2008
... Thanks SO much, Teresa, for the kind words and advice - right now, a heaping helping of positive reinforcement is what I need most! I know I'm in the hands of a highly qualified neurosurgeon, so it's time to put my trust in him and think of my future pain-free existence! One week from today... Regards, Steve --- Soon to have three level ACDF (C4-C7) with cadaver... (13 replies)

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