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... No pain No surgery imho you can work on your weakness Try this Heat & Ice 6 times a day Get some Capsaicin Cream use twice a day (2 replies)
... I felt that my neck was similar after ACDF C5-6 C6-7. It was due to excessive swelling and I had to take steroids to decrease the swelling which helped. THe swelling is a side affect of the surgery and all of the instruments being in the area and working. Check and ask if there was excessive swelling? It helped me. It was day 4 or 5 after the surgery that I was finally... (11 replies)
... Hello On Sept 12 2012 I gotten hurt on the job.I herniated C4 C5 and had to have surgery done that on DEC 7 2012.After the third month I started having more pain. ... (1 replies)

... (11 replies)
... Best of luck with your surgery. I have a number of friends, all are playing golf again, who have had ACDF surgeries with great success. ... (11 replies)
... NS recommended 3 level ACDF based on my MRI findings, but I am torn whether to go for the surgery or not. I do not have any pain in my neck or in my arms. ... (2 replies)
... Here are the results from my MRI, any help is appreciated. I apologize for the re-post. ---- Findings: There is loss of normal cervical lordosis. Multi-level degenerative disk disease superimposed upon what appears to be congenitally narrowed spinal canal. No focal cord is abnormality is demonstrated. No cerebellar tonsillar herniation. No prevertebreal soft tissue... (0 replies)
... Please find blow my 2014 Jan MRI findings: I have seen 3 doctors so far, one recommended Epidural, the other recommended PT and the last one recommended 3 level ACDF. My right arm is getting weaker and I can see that my right arm biceps is not as strong as the left one. Any advice would help... I am in my 30's so concerned about doing ACDF at this age but at the same time... (0 replies)
... SpineAZ, this was a very informative post. I have been trying to decide whether to get a posterior foraminotomy or a one level ACDF. My C6 nerve is being compressed due to an enlarged facet joint in a foramen that is almost closed. ... (30 replies)
... I was a passenger in a severe car accident about 5 months ago, which I thought I was going to fully recover from without any issue. Last month, I bent down and felt something pop in my neck and immediately felt like there was a knife in the back of my neck. The pain was excruciating and sharp in the base of my neck and through my right shoulder blade area. I could barely... (16 replies)
... I am so thankful that I found this message board! To give a brief (ish) history, I have had neck fatigue and pain leading to daily headaches for 10+ years. Have been in 5 car accidents - (2 being pretty serious, 3 were fender benders). First one in 1978 - I was only 18, got thrown around a lot in the inside of the car and pretty much walked away unscathed from a serious... (3 replies)
... Hi all - Many thanks for this message board as I've been perusing around quite a bit trying to educate myself on recent MRI results and subsequent Neurosurgeon consults. I have two opposite Neurosurgeon opinions on whether surgery is necessary or not; Neurologist is adamant that surgery is needed. So, now I am trying to get another opinion and am wondering if 1.Others... (10 replies)
... Hi folks. I have been a long time lurker on here and finally decided to join. I have looked at several threads concerning ACDF, which have been very helpful. I am looking at C3-C6 fusion in about a month. This is will be by the same doctor that did my L4/L5 fusion in 2010. I totally trust him and have no problem in agreeing to have it done. I have severe stenosis at... (7 replies)
... I know no one here is a doctor, I'm seeing my pain mgmt one tomorrow and picking up the info for the neurosurgeon.. here is what my mri report says.. Mild Degeneratie disc disease, Central Stenosis at C4-C5-C6 secondary to a central herniation. Right paracentral hernia at C6-C7 effaces the right thecal sac. Findings: The cervical lordosis is slightly straightened, there is... (11 replies)
... op pain varies from person to person and surgeon to surgeon. If I correctly recall my ACDF 15 years ago, it was not as bad as a description of the surgery would leave one to believe. ... (4 replies)
... Everyone heals at different rates, however I would be very cautious about returning to work so quickly. My NS reinforced the importance of not removing my collar for 3 months to ensure neck movement was minimized. Also driving puts you at significant risk for liability if your in an accident and more importantly the damage you could do to your neck if rear ended!! I also spend... (9 replies)
... Bud, I had a two level fusion C4 C5 C6 on May 31st. I am 4 weeks out. ... (9 replies)
... Hi Mike, Sorry to hear you're still experiencing a lot of pain in your neck. I'm 9 weeks post op and just saw my Dr. yesterday. Although I've made significant improvement, I too experience a deep aching pain at the back of my neck. It gets worse when sitting in front of my pc. As an engineering manager this is my life; which concerns me greatly! I'm scheduled for a gradual... (4 replies)
... Hi, I am currently 18 days post op on c4 c5, c6 and c7, having previously had an acdf on c5, c6 11 years ago. 11 years ago i had my own bone implanted, this time i had a cage an artificial bone implanted! ... (9 replies)
... Just had ACDF c4,c5,c6 last week...pain in forearm and thumb still there, but not as severe....hope it eventually subsides. ... (4 replies)

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