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... it didn't call out a pinched nerve, but I have no idea what else it might be. ... (6 replies)
... years. In 2010 I had increased arm pain, heaviness, achiness and pins and needles down to my fingers. That is when I tried the cervical epidurals and selective nerve root blocks. I added a pinched nerve to the mix and could not drive comfortably or wash or blow dry my hair. ... (25 replies)
... Hi I have been battling doctors since February over my neck! I wentin to see my family doc for what I thought was Abadan crick in my neck theygave me muscle relaxers & sent me home. I returned in aweek because it was not improving & I was having awful pain shoot down my arm they told me I was having muscle spasms gave me a steroid shot in my shoulder & prescribed steroids... (4 replies)

... I am going for an op on the 9th Dec, to have the nerve sorted out. ... (4 replies)
... Have you heard anything further? I've just joined this site today & are looking for conditions similar to my own. I have a pinched nerve between C6/C7 and similarly have had pain in my left shoulder & arm, extending down in to my first 2 fingers. The pain subsided by itself & was gone for a while but it's recently returned & I can't bare the thought (I'm 38) of going... (4 replies)
... I've had the identical pain. Neck x-rays revealed some small spurs around c5-c6 which could be contributors. When my RA flares into my shoulders is when I feel the neck pain start up - obviously the inflammation is pinching on some nerve - fortunately, over time and actually doing nothing, it has gone away. So if you are flaring at all in your shoulders, if you can somehow... (14 replies)
... C6 area and a possible pinched nerve at the C7, and stenosis. I say possible because I had the EMG done 3 weeks post injury and neuro said it was really too soon. ... (17 replies)
... Hi welcome to the board. Sorry for your problems. There is a test called EMG (electromyogram) that can test for radiculopathies (nerve root compression). It isn't pleasant, a little painful at times, but can give more information to the story. The EMG helps to distinguish between muscle conditions in which the problem begins in the muscle and muscle weakness due to... (17 replies)
... treatment was WONDERFUL! It helped deaden the nerve pain. The chiropractor I saw didn't do "manual" manipulation. ... (14 replies)
... My Chiropractor sent me for a MRI and it showed bulging disks c5, c6, she is going to send me to a pain management dr. She said he will either give me oral steroids or shots! Then back to therapy with her. I hope this works, I think the shots are just a band-aid, not a real cure and will probally not work after years of shots. Good luck to you. (3 replies)
... and an MRI which clearly showed a pinched nerve in my neck, between c5 and c6. The orthopedic doctor that I went to here in VA recommended a cervical epidural and if that did not work, neck fusion surgery. ... (3 replies)
... Hello everyone. I found these boards via google.. 10/22/06 I went to the emergency room at the hospital for pain in my shoulder. Five views or the cervical spine were obtained The spine is straightened in keeping with muscle spasm.Degenerative changes affect the bodies of c4/c5/c6 and c7. The disc space at c5/6is narrowed. There is a mild encroachment affecting the right... (17 replies)
... I had to wait since my treating doctor seemed to think with PT it would get better. I had such a badly pinched nerve that I lost all muscle tone and strength in my right tricep. I couldn't even lift my arm above my shoulder. ... (80 replies)
... ades. I had same problem about a year ago and was told it was my shoulder also. I am scheduled for ACDF c5,C6,C7 at the end of the month. Doctor told me that the nerve is pinched and both sides will hurt. This all started again about 45 days ago. ... (80 replies)
... ng to hold off until after June 4th. I have been to two NS and both agree that I need surgery. They both say I can't do PT because the problem will get worse. C5 C6 disc ruptured in a car wreck Nov 7, 2003. I have pain in both shoulders, between shoulder blades, pain down both arms... ... (3 replies)
... His doctor said that there is no need in doing an mri all that would do is cost thousands of dollars for comp and that they are not very accurate. I am gonna try and suggest a milogram to her tomorrow if comp won't let him change doctors. (11 replies)
... I sounds to me like he has a nerve that is being pressed on. The last thing that you want is to massage it if that is what it is. Could be a herniated disk but you have to follow protocol. ... (11 replies)
... From what's in the report there doesn't appear to be any significant nerve pinching or compression on the spinal cord. ... (6 replies)
... y competed in the CrossFit Games last year on my affiliate team. Anyway, that being said, I injured myself in Sept of '12 and after some misdiagnosed issues of a pinched nerve and spondylosis, I finally got an MRI in Feb of this year. ... (6 replies)
... k the doc about the MRA I figured I would wait until the MRI in Jan. I'm just so frustrated this all started in September and I was finally excited to know about pinched nerves because I thought that was why I had face numbness...Then she told me NO not the cause.... ... (16 replies)

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