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... Thanks so much for your response! That has given me alot to think about! At one time, I did have a copy of the results. I need to obtain a copy of the old and the new, when it comes in. I was told there was "loss of signal" to the nerve, but not which nerve. I know I was diagnosed with radiculopathy (sp). Brachial I believe? But now it seems there are other nerves... (3 replies)
... Hey everyone! I found this board while doing some recent searching during what seems to be some progression of my cervical arthritis. My story isn't too exciting--I've been struggling with sort of a "mutant" degenerating neck since I was a teen and earlier...a reverse curvature, yadda yadda. In my twenties after having my son, I started getting tingling on my left side and... (3 replies)
... discs begin to dry out. This begins a cascade of other degenerative changes that have the potential to cause pain and mechanical issues. This results in spinal arthritis and issues like facet arthropathy and stenosis. ... (1 replies)

... You are correct that they cannot operate for arthritis, but they can clean out the stenosis, remove osteophytes, etc. and attempt to make more room for the nerves. (11 replies)
... Already saw an orthopedic, when physical therapy didn't work he suggested the pain doctor. That was a year ago. Everyone treats it like it all just happened. But it was 4 years ago. Now they just want to do shots and pain meds. Don't think surgery will even be an option with all the arthritis. Even go to a pain therapist because nothing else has work and neither has that. (11 replies)
... I had an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion done 15days ago. The minute I woke up from the op, I knew that it had been successful. Before the op I had numbness and tingling in both hands as well as numbness and pressure in the cerebellum area of my brain. I had been like this for nearly 12 years. I would recommend to anyone to have this op done if you are suffering as I... (0 replies)
... I am not trained or qualified to evaluated your MRI or give professional advice. The only real issue appears the be the herniation at C6-C7. It is significant but is only causing moderate cord compression at the moment. Not an immediate risk to your overall spine health. I don't know how severe the symptoms are that you are enduring at the present time. That is certainly a... (1 replies)
... I'm 48, fit, active, healthy, thin, tall, etc. I've had both knees replaced, arthritis in my L ankle...2 surgeries on that and now the L spine issues and the C spine issues. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, I'm new to this board (but a regular on the back problems board as I'll be having a decompression surgery on L3,L4,L5 sometime this year for severe spinal stenosis and extensive facet arthritis). I just got the results of my C-spine T-spine MRI: Any insight would be appreciated. C2-C3, C3-C4, C4-C5: Unremarkable! (THANK GOD!!!) C5-C6: Irregular left... (3 replies)
... first off i want to thank everyone for reading this. i have wreslted my whole life since second grade, i am now a senior in college, and during my jr year of college i noticed my neck was giving me unreal amounts of pain and weakness. long story short i got a mri. the mri showed bone spurs in my neck, arthritis, degenerative disk disease, and herniated at levels c5/c6 c6/c7. i... (16 replies)
... They often use little pieces of cadaver bone to help keep things in place when bone has been worn away by arthritis or with an ADR, to make the bone of the vertebra grow into the ADR...they have a rough surface to accept the bone as it grows. ... (15 replies)
... I think they are sending me to the internist for possible rheumatoid arthritis. My dad had that and he had many surgeries and died from leukemia at 62. Do I need to worry about paralysis. I keep imagining worst case scenarios and I can't stop worrying. I have no faith in doctors because it has taken them years to figure out where the pain is coming from. I could see them... (12 replies)
... I know that arthritis continues unabated by surgery, and of course, further degenerative changes are to be expected in my neck due to the severe arthritis I have. Still, it seems like it's progressed to my left side awfully fast. Anyone else experience this? ... (8 replies)
... hat this is a difficult surgery to recoup from. I had herniated discs and severe spinal stenosis at every level that was fused. I also have severe degenerative arthritis in my neck at each level. I was having the typical pains in my arms, hands, etc. I had pain along my spine from the stenosis. ... (8 replies)
... I do believe I have pain coming from the C7 area now. ... (9 replies)
... Could you have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome? My husband had issues with his fingers, hands and wrists and the pain sometimes went up to his wrists. That may not explain the neck pain, but, may help with the arm hand issues. I know that I tried many conservative treatments prior to surgery. I tried PT, chiropractic (just be careful, makes me nervous even though I have tried this... (9 replies)
... Hello, thanks in advance. I am recovering from a herniated C6-7. My MRI also showed arthritis..."you have the neck of a 60 year old man" was how my doctor put it. The disc thing started out as mild pain in the shoulder and neck and arm. the pain got severe in the arm. I went in, they gave me steoroids, only a moderate recovery. went on stronger dose and am doing much... (6 replies)
... An MRI will tell only part of the story as it is done with your neck in one position....I have become a big believer is flexion/extension x-rays (best for showing slippage) and nerve conduction studies. Yeah, I know the NCS is not easy, but it documents impairment and if done by a really good doc, he will have you move your head in different positions during the study. You... (3 replies)
... Thanks for the time. I fear arthritis will happen quicker because of this and working in law enforcement, that scares me as that is not an area I need problems at if I am fighting someone (19 replies)
... posistional 'symptoms' is something i get practically on a daily basis, and i too have what is referred to as DDD(degenerative disc disease) which is more than likely what you have too? along with some levels, stenosis and bulged discs, including whats called thecal sac effacement/heavier touching/impact now"(the cushion of CFS fluid that surrounds and protects our actual sp... (3 replies)

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