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... ake sure my myelopathy symptoms aren't progressing and I'll probably have a repeat MRI when I go next time. I had 5 different spine specialist opinions from, "do surgery now or risk losing the use of your left arm" to "don't do surgery as long as possible as it won't help and may hurt you". ... (6 replies)
... sical therapy works for you. I know I probably need to go back to physical therapy, that's what they all stress. The one thing that helped me in therapy was the time they did traction. What are the symptoms of myelopathy? ... (6 replies)
... Having a fusion surgery won't necessarily alter your son's childhood at all outside of the recovery time. You may have to make accommodations after the surgery, and you may not. I always like to bring up Peyton Manning the quarterback for the Denver Broncos. ... (17 replies)

Jan 7, 2015
... disposed to a stenotic neck as my cervical spine is small. ... (73 replies)
... and have sat and still in meetings with some of them from time to time. So I get to hear their thinking about surgery. ... (23 replies)
... Anita,please tell your husband to be carefull,that doesnt seem like alot of recovery time considering we are talking about his neck,and i know i should mind my own busines but why no physical therapy,i hope he wont be lifting things,perhaps i am just a worry wart,but i just dont want him to gt hurt for both your sakes. marywoo (5 replies)
... HI, I had a cervical anterior fusion a year ago. After talking with other people that I know that had a similar surgery, and much discussion with my doc I decided to use donar bone. ... (42 replies)
... C cervical cage. Obviously I am very nervous and would like any input about the success of this surgery. ... (0 replies)
... know that it just takes time to recover. ... (2 replies)
... cold at times, my hips have started hurting also. I am so frustrated.. with this.. I'm thinking surgery is closer than I want it to be. and with the bone spurs they will have to go through my back versus the front near the collar bone. ... (13 replies)
... is PARAMOUNT to your prognosis. The surgery is only successful if you follow doctors regimen for aftercare. I'm afraid in reading your posts that you will push TOO HARD TOO SOON. Please don't. ... (29 replies)
... the symptoms I had and I am still experiencing most of them. The dent at the back of the neck I do have as well. I have photos. Everybody is different with their recovery and I would expect your operation was different and probably for different reasons. ... (29 replies)
... Was your surgery done as an open surgery, or microscopically through tubes? ... (6 replies)
... As the name indicates, that's a surgery to clear a foramen by cutting out obstructions. It is one of the three surgeries I have had. ... (23 replies)
... will need surgery, not an option, and it will be almost instant relief. The procedure he described sounded very simple and minimally invasive with a very quick recovery time. I have several other people telling me if I just suffer through it a little longer, it will improve on its own. ... (13 replies)
... I went thru 2 Cervical surgeries. ... (21 replies)
... er, I believe she thought you might not be aware that there are several places where people with problems concerning the spine post...this one primarily concerns cervical issues and the one labelled "Back Problems" is peopled by those with thoracic and lumbar issues. ... (10 replies)
... thanks for any input.. also does anyone know any possible surgery procedures for all this and whats recovery time? ... (13 replies)
... Hopefully you have researched your options and the surgeon who will be doing your surgery and had at least 1 or 2 other opinions to make sure they all agree. ... (4 replies)
... I am scheduled to have Anterior cervical disectomy fusion in October. I have been in so much pain for the last year. I have tried all other options... ... (4 replies)

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