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Cervical disc mri
Oct 12, 2016
... where there was previous cord flattening and it has become more flattened. There is an extruding disc, meaning the disc material is coming out of the disc, causing the disc space to narrow. ... (4 replies)
Cervical disc mri
Oct 10, 2016
... Decreased disc space height. ... (4 replies)
... I went to the Emergency room after a car accident. They performed a ct scan on my head and neck and some x-rays. The doctor informed me that there were no broken bones, but that there was a mass, unrelated to the accident, on my neck ct scan. `The following is written on the ct scan report: Visualization is from the skill base to the top of T2 vertebral body. There is... (2 replies)

... Diffuse disc osteophyte complex and mild ligament flavum thickening. Mild compression of the cord. The canal is narrowed to 8.5 mm. ... (2 replies)
... Small diffuse disc bulge. Mild left sided facet DJD. Moderately hypertrophic right side facet degenerative changes. ... (7 replies)
... I was diagnosed with a cervical bulging disc after MRI. I went to neurosurgeon and he told me it wasn't bad enough for surgery at this time. When I went to him I hadn't had symptoms for a month. ... (3 replies)
... ch spinal segment, there is bone called the vertebra that is separated from the next vertebra by the intervertebral disc, which we usually just call a disc. The disc is comprised of mostly "water" and as we age, it tends to lose some of this moisture. ... (2 replies)
... on multiple vertebrae. It is often a part of a degenerative process called " degenerative disc disease" that happens to most of us as we go about daily living. ... (3 replies)
... C5, there is disc osteophyte complex formation and uncinate process hypertrophy, with slight asymmetry to the right. Effacement of the ventral thecal sac and mild spinal canal narrowing. ... (3 replies)
... broad based disc bulge with left lateral disc protrusion moderate left recess stenosis and at least moderate left neural foraminal stenosis. ... (0 replies)
... What is spine disc osteophyte complex (0 replies)
... what is asymmetrical disc/osteophyte complex (0 replies)
... a moderate sized posterior disc osteophyte complex is impinging upon and mildly deforms the cord. The neural foramina are widely patent. ... (7 replies)
... osteophyte complex. Right hemicord is compressed. Severe bilateral foraminal narrowing due to disc and uncoverlebral osteophyte. Exiting C6 nerve root is likely compressed bilaterally. ... (6 replies)
... My main concern is my neck and hands. I also have carpel tunnel syndrome and since I have been diagnosed with disc herniation. My whole life has turned around and has dragged me down into a dark hole. ... (8 replies)
... Small central disc osteophyte complex without spinal canal or neural foraminal stenosis. ... (5 replies)
... there appears to be moderate bilateral neural forminal stenosis equivocal with posterior central disc osteophyte complex indenting the anterior thecal sac abutting the cord. ... (1 replies)
... T1, with narrowing of disc spaces, sclerosis of articular margins and facet joints. ... (17 replies)
... Due to a neck and shoulder pain I did an MRI. The result summary reads out as following * Left posterio-lateral disc-osteophyte complex at c5-6 level is indenting the thecal sac, left exiting nerve root and mildly narrowing the left neural foramina * Right posterio-lateral osteophyte at c4-5 level is indenting the thecal sac. No significant root indentation or foraminal... (2 replies)
... I know of nothing that can put a disc back into it's original position. ... (9 replies)

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