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... Hi there - I have been posting this past year - 52 year old healthy women with Cspine DDD (severe - moderate) rearing its ugly head 1.5 years ago - (MRI/Xray info below) - have been a good patient done all the therapy (physio, massage, TENS, acupuncture etc) - all the tests and no signs of improvement - still limited range of motion from side to side, lots of pain in neck,... (3 replies)
... Yes - thanks - Spine doc referred me to Physiatrist first to see what could be done since nothing was pressing on my spinal cord, he wasn't too concerned about surgery at this point. Here is what my xray/mri said... Severe degenerative disc disease with endplate spurring and loss of disc space at C5-6 and C6-7. *Advanced degenerative facet arthrosis at C-4 and C4-5 with... (3 replies)
... Well we now have the MRI report I'm not going to put the irrelevant parts in just going to start with the L-3... we are waiting for my appointment for my back brace before we schedule my surgery. At the L3-4 level, there is mild diffuse bulge with some facet hypertrophic disease and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy and mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing At the L4-5... (1 replies)

... It seems as if you have had quite an extensive surgical spine history. Do you have any plans to see any doctors in the future? What is your next step? (19 replies)
... Hi there - I have 1+ year with cervical spine problems (as listed below) and have seen spine clinic which referred me to a Physiatrist - that visit is in 2weeks.... question though about my hip and leg - for two months I have had what I thought may be from something I overworked when working out etc (deep dull pain at hip and some numbness down outside leg to knee) and then... (1 replies)
... Milf disc bulge and endplate spurring. ... (19 replies)
... Hi. Over the last 5-6 months I've been experiencing some dizziness with a few spells of outright vertigo. Also my neck, upper back, and left shoulder have been hurting, mildly to moderately. The neck pain has been the worst pain. At times the pain in my shoulder went into my armpit and down my arm. Have also had headaches, especially at the back of my head, although... (0 replies)
... I have posted my xray/mri results previously but here they are bottom and have tried all sorts of things this passed year (acupuncture, massage, TENS, physiotherapy, chiropractor etc). After an 8 month wait I finally got in to a spine clinic. They have a triage process where you meet with a physiotherapist first to check out problems/range of motion etc - then meet with a... (2 replies)
MRI's ??
Jan 25, 2011
... I'm not a doctor but look up stenosis. That should help you understand a lot. Most people have painful back problems. It's good to look up all those words individually. Patients need to learn what each word means because doctors don't have the time it takes to explain each of these things. I spent hours looking up mine but it was worth it. Thank God for the Internet! (4 replies)
... Hi everyone... Have almost a full pic (so to speak with xray/mri now in - xray results posted further down in the original posting) of what is going on in my cervical spine - lots of numbing in hand and arm and pins and needles and increasing loss of range of motion in neck with tons of pain - still waiting to get in to see neurologist or NS for .... my mri pics I posted... (8 replies)
... Hi there - I have posted in August when I received my xray results...(see just below at bottom) and finally went for my MRI Nov. 12 - still haven't got the report but did get a disc to review on my own. Still suffering from lack of range of motion in neck, pain, numbness in hands and now going through arms with tingles etc. Still waiting to see neurologist etc. I have... (8 replies)
MRI's ??
Sep 21, 2010
... C6. Endplate spurring, loss of intervertabral disc height, and fatty endplate degenerative changes are present through these regions. No fractures or subluxations are demonstrated. Vertabral body heights are maintained. ... (4 replies)
... Right paracentral disc bulge an minimal ednplate spurring contributes to thecal sac effacement and right ventral cord abutment. Minimal endplate through uncovertebral spurring and left greater than right facet arthrosis contributes to mild left greater than right foraminal narrowing. ... (16 replies)
... so that is why they recommended a MRI. They stated mild endplate spurring in the upper thoracic spine. ... (11 replies)
... I am new to this...can someone advise me I will just give the final impression: 1) Disk herniation superimposed on chronic disc bulge and spondylotic change c5/c6 causes mild canal stenosis with mild indentation of cord on the left. No cord signal abnormality. 2) Small central disc protrusion c4/c5 abutting and mildly indenting cord without canal stenosis. Mild relative... (4 replies)
... Okay....had the time to read the new stuff. Here is the problem with these different tests. X-rays are specifically designed to read bone problems and thus, the radiologist will read the bone findings. When an MRI is done, it is understood they are looking for things other than what the x-rays will find...the soft tissue stuff that doesn't show up. So the endplate... (4 replies)
... i am thinkin the reason for that "spacing' you have there has alot more to simply do with the endplate spurring since that just IS what would be between the endplate end and the actual disc itself? ... (44 replies)
... C5 moderate endplate sprurring posteriorly along the interior aspect of C4. Minimal endplate spurring at other levels. Preservation of vertebral body height. ... (4 replies)
... Minimal endplate spurring at other levels. Preservation of vertebral body height. ... (44 replies)
... but instead of the disc protruding outward from its place in the cloumn, it actually goes up and into the endplate INSTEAD of outward. in your particular case, this is at the superior or top endplate of your T11 vertebrae. and again, just a possible pain generator. ... (6 replies)

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