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... I will see a neurosurgeon in a few days, trying to schedule appt for a 2nd opinion as well, scheduled for epidural injection in a couple of weeks, which is not likely to do much for function, but may relieve some pain for a while, or not.. ... (7 replies)
... ations. There are also non narcotic medications that can help with nerve symptoms such as Lyrica and Neurontin. And, there is the option of treatments such as epidural steroid injections. ... (1 replies)
Cervical problems
Feb 11, 2010
... d very conservative treatment. Sometimes bulges will shrink back. Usually a period of rest, light activity, and depending on symptoms PT, medications, and even epidural injections if called for. ... (1 replies)

... bunionectomy each foot, knee surgery each knee, galbladder removal, lumbar fusion in '93, ovary removal and cervical fusion this past May. ... (29 replies)
... i am somewhat confused since i am just starting the cervical problems. have multiple bulged lumbar disks that PT and injections have taken care of since 1999. never got close to surgery. thank God. ... (10 replies)
Cervical epidural
Mar 10, 2006
... How mine went. checked in, changed. they took me to the little surgical room, started an iv line. had me lay down face down on table (that hurt just from the injury), covered my legs with a warm blanket. Nurses helped move me into a comfortable position, one held my hand. they put something in my iv to relax me. dr. talked me through the whole thing. used numbing... (3 replies)
... Aye Berenice, I don't know if you will remember, but back in the day's when Lizzie was posting I commented on the fact that although I knew I had cervical problems I thought that the numbness was being caused by something lower. ... (4 replies)
... Welcome to the board from "across the pond"... You have a few things going on: "disk-osteophyte bar complex..." - Arthritic bone spurs are pushing back into the space for the spinal cord and possibly touching it. This sounds bad, but may or may not be causing you problems. The bone spurs are unlikely to get better but you can stabilize your spine through exercise and... (4 replies)
... As of right now I am in pain management, I have had 1 of 3 series epidural injections for both my cervical and my lumbar. ... (3 replies)
... it's a steroid. I've taken both for a variety of things over the years but mostly because I get Eustachian tube swelling and have a lot of problems with my ears. Generally, at lower doses taken for shorter periods of time, it's fine. ... (23 replies)
... There are no abnormalities at the cervicocranial junction. Cervical cord does not show any focal enlargements or focal areas of abnormal signal intensity. ... (2 replies)
Cervical MRI help
Mar 17, 2012
... eye, slurred speech, and become so weak I would just suddenly fall to the ground. Echocardiogram, doppler, MRI of the brain were normal. By 2010 I started have problems with my balance and gait, at times my legs would go numb and I didn't have the ability to walk. ... (10 replies)
... I just made an appointment for my first cervical epidural injection. ... (4 replies)
... you might try a memory foam pillow , it helped me a lot , I have some of the same problems that you have and the pillow really helped me sleep, only about 20 bucks (9 replies)
... I went to an orthopedic and had an MRI. Doc thinks I have a degenerating disc that is stressing the nerve, and he has ordered an epidural shot in the cervical spine. ... (1 replies)
... were fused. I have been experiencing problems again and had an MRI. I was told it could take a month or so to see the surgeon that performed the original surgery. ... (1 replies)
... C7. I used to only have problems that my arms would go numb if I laid on my back and had my arms to my sides, but for the last several months I'm now having problems that I wake up multiple times during the night while sleeping on my side and have numb arms. ... (3 replies)
... and had further stenosis 2 years later and they did a posterior cervical foraminotomy. A bit more painful than ACDF since ACDF is through the front and the foraminotomy was through the back of the neck. ... (65 replies)
... ype problems. Some people respond well to medications for nerve pain like neurontin or lyrica. I don't think I know anyone with total loss of use from these type problems because the arms have so many nerve networks, some get damaged others keep working. Usually it is a spinal cord injury that causes loss of use. ... (4 replies)
... up with his doctor at The Pain Institute for the epidural. I go and talk to them next week. I am not sure what kind of doctor he is, but my PCP has had several epidural injections and swears by this guy. ... (13 replies)

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