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... o understand is the spotted pain instead of the entire arm. The pain is actually getting worse than before the surgery since yesterday. What is worrying is the hyper reflex. I can't imagine driving and someone honks at me and nerves go crazy causing an accident. ... (5 replies)
... The doctor checked me up and said I had hyper reflex on all four limbs. I thought the shaking was only on my right leg but certain positions revealed that all four limbs would shake as well. ... (5 replies)
... I am at my wits end. I have been living through some of the hardest days of my life and am being told there is nothing that can be done. My family doctor is spearheading a request to Lahey Clinic in Boston. I would love to hear peoples thoughts. I am missing work (am able to work @ home) and this is now impacting my status at work. They are a great company and will work... (2 replies)

... amond shaped muscle but on the right it would just kinda spasm a little, or not move at all. It reminded me of that steak on the counter in poltergeist. Also had hyper reflex's on the right. ... (36 replies)
... The test for babinsky involves scraping a sharp object (e.g. like a pen or a car key) along the underside of the foot. In most people there is either no reaction or your toes bend forward/downward a little. With the babinsky reflex your toes bend backwards/upwards instead. Just after my daughter was born a few months ago I tried it just with my finger along her foot and it... (6 replies)
To melanie dawn
Jun 10, 2003
... I will try to answer the hyper reflex issue. ... (10 replies)
To melanie dawn
Jun 9, 2003
... Mel~ Ever since I can remember, my right toes would flare when the Dr. would scrape the bottom of my foot. Dumb me, I always thought that was a good sign! At least it was responding, but I knew it wasn't normal because my left foot responded differently. When Noah tries to tickle that foot, it does the same thing. I guess, growing up with that, I've never given it much... (10 replies)
Neck surgery
Mar 9, 2003
... surgeon immediately after seeing my MRI. He was afraid I'd get into an auto accident and hyper extend my neck. ... (13 replies)
... She as well as my surgeon has told me that the reflex's are "too much". I still don't know what that means...does anyone here? If, for example, when they rap your knee with the little mallet to check your reflexes, if your leg responds more than normal, it can be a sign of cervical cord compression. It is called hyper-reflexia. Just so you notice...the last poster is... (26 replies)
... I have not been dx with reflex bowel. ... (18 replies)
... before i can give you some answers here just based on some of the things you said, i kinda need some info from you. have you been actually TOLD that you HAVE a reflex bowel, also called 'upper motor neuron bowel" too? ... (18 replies)
... thats why i asked about esp the lower leg reflex on that R side? ... (1 replies)
Balance issues
Jan 10, 2011
... and usually whats called 'hyper reflexia", like an OVERLY brisk knee reflex when its simply hit with that lil hammer,compared to the more normal subltle 'bounce out' thats less noticable? ... (8 replies)
... ing me in different directions so that it's hard to keep my balance. I haven't fallen, but it makes walking very awkward. If I touch anywhere on my body I feel a reflex reaction...I like to describe it as "rubbery" and it's mostly on my right side. When I stand still, I involuntarily sway to the right. ... (5 replies)
Help - I'm the 10%
Jun 27, 2010
... the one biggest thing here that would simply indicate if that cord is being compressed enough to even begin to impact the lower extremitys here would be the hyper reflexia itself. ... (75 replies)
... r actual reflexes are. most people with what you have also have the higher than norm reflexes too. i do from my spinal cord damage. its just how the cord affects reflex when damage or direct compressionis present. you just more than likely have this going on too considering your findings. ... (7 replies)
... I noticed when he did the reflex test on me, he keep talking to me to keep me from thinking about the test he was doing. ... (7 replies)
... take the heavy end of a butter knife and tap just below your kneecap on both knees. see how brisk your reflex is. if it appears to be somewhat "hyper" or very quick "kick like" ,strong movements,your cord IS probably being impacted by the compression. ... (10 replies)
... generally when the gait and the hyper reflexes are part of your symptoms,it usually is more cord related than just a spinal structure type issue.was there any mention of myelomalacia on that report? ... (4 replies)
... so I could sleep. Percocet just makes me hyper but dissipates the pain. ... (1 replies)

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