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... New to the Boards. Anyone had a lamenectomy for cervical myelopathy? ... (0 replies)
... performed a lamenectomy. I thought that recovery from this surgery would not be as difficult as the recovery from the fusion. It has been a year now since the lamenectomy and I still don't feel that good. NS checks me every 3 months because he says its not very stable. ... (2 replies)
... I have not had a lamenectomy, but I was also an avid recreational sportsman prior to my 1st of 3 surgeries. I played softball and flag football. I no longer am able to participate in any recreation sports except occasional golf and bike riding. If you still get that "shocky" sensation you may want to ask your doctor to do another MRI on your neck. 9 years after my 2nd... (1 replies)

... I had a disc removed and a fusion done with bone from my hip in 1999. I am a 30 year old male and the injury was due to car accident. Before I had this surgery I was very active and involved with competitive sports like contact hockey. After the surgery I realized that I should not be playing contact hockey or lifting weights. The surgery went really well and within a year... (1 replies)
... Hi. I just had a posterior cervical lamenectomy C 6-7 June 8, 2001. No fusion. I am really sore and stiff. I have looked everywhere for info on the surgery I had, but I can't seem to find alot about the type I had. When will I start feeling better?? My doctor said I should return to work in 4 weeks, but I am wondering... I would love to hear from someone who has had this... (3 replies)
... Well that is what I thought. He never once told me anything about a lamenectomy nor are any medical notes, probably getting worked up for no reason but dont we have the right to know what they are doing to us? ... (6 replies)
... Hello All, This is my 1st post so I hope I follow all the posted rules etc. I am trying to become familiar with all the abbreviations and procedures. I might mention that I have been in the hospital since 11-1,mostly in bed, in extreme pain.Typing is quite an effort, so thanks in advance for bearing w/me. On 10/30 I went to my GP for the 6th time in two months with severe... (4 replies)
... arthritis since I was 12 years old and it has done a lot of damage over the years. A lamenectomy in 1970, total knee in 2000, with the other knee needing to be replaced, and now this. ... (12 replies)
... I am 70 years old, had a lamenectomy in 1970, and a total knee replacement in 2000. ... (12 replies)
... other then the allergies. I am 36 years old and a mother of four little ones age 2 4 8 and 10. I has stenosis and L5 L4 heniated discs. I did have the surgery lamenectomy and discectomy. It was a bad idea, in my opinion, the pain is way worst and I now have a left leg and foot that is completly numb. ... (10 replies)
Surgery number 4!?
Jul 25, 2008
... I have had two fusions (c4-5, & c5-6) as well as a lamenectomy c6-7 due to stenosis and one by one herniations. I now have a recurring herniation in c6-7 with cord impingement, Doc says surgery a must, I am tired of not being able to function. Anyone out there with multiple surgery histories? Any advise? Thanks (3 replies)
... I had a posterior lamenectomy no fusion. I don't know if this is similar to what you need but if it is I wouldn't be to quick to rule out surgery. You have been in pain too long. ... (5 replies)
... i just love the docs that love to use the 'you just have anxiety or are you depressed" crap to explain real goddawful pain.i don't get the connection personally but maybe he knows something i don't about my screaming agonizing pain and how this relates to just simple anxiety and depression.geez.did you get the patronizing pat on the head too? the thing is,with any level of... (11 replies)
... theres just one big thing you need to remeber here Q,if they do indeed go thru the back of your neck,you WILL lose some stability since they would,in order to do the lamenectomy,they have to remove some of those boney prominences off the back of your c spine.otherwise they cannot do the lami.this will decrease your neck stability since those bones will no longer be there to... (35 replies)
... Hi and Welcome, I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and myelomalacia in May of this year. Mine was from compression caused by a bone pushing on my cord. I had lamenectomy on 7/12/06. I was also haveing very severe headaches. So far, since the surgery I have not had one. I was told I needed to have the surgery to stop the neurological progression. I was getting numbness and... (10 replies)
... Hi, I had lamenectomy on C-5, C-6 on 7-12-06. After my surgery I had alot of numbness and weakness, especially on my right side. It has gotten better but I still have alot of numbness in my right hand, arm, and side. I also have alot of stiffness on my entire right side. I had NONE of these symptoms before surgery. It was a have-to situation as the blood flow in my spine... (3 replies)
... Akgirl: I'd love to hear more - a 5 level lamenectomy - ooohh!!! I thought mine was bad - it was C4-C7 - does that cound as 3 or 4? How are you at 2 years + My original PT wants me to come back to her for a treatment called "anadyne" (SP??) - it involves light waves and is supposed to encourage nerve response - I'm skeptical, but I'll try anything at this point -... (18 replies)
Extreme Pain
Feb 3, 2006
... it up against the back wall of the c 7 vertebrae,that I really knew just what had happened at what was causing the horrid pain I had been having .once he did the lamenectomy that removed that back piece off of the c 7 vert,that part of the pain was just gone. ... (9 replies)
... I had strained the ligaments of my SI joint and could not walk. Neurologist did NOT diagnose it. I underwent Lumbar Lamenectomy that DID NOT CORRECT IT. ... (5 replies)
... Just where was the lamenectomy done in relation to your spine? ... (9 replies)

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