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... No pain No surgery imho you can work on your weakness Try this Heat & Ice 6 times a day Get some Capsaicin Cream use twice a day (2 replies)
... Reversal of normal cervical lordosis throughout the cervical spine, as a result of degenerative disease. No focal bone marrow singal abnormality is seen. ... (16 replies)
Straight Spine
Mar 28, 2014
... Cervical Straight spine or straightening of the cervical lordosis. ... (1 replies)

... There is loss of normal cervical lordosis. ... (2 replies)
... Straightening of the cervical lordosis is noted. ... (0 replies)
... There is loss of normal cervical lordosis. ... (0 replies)
... There is loss of normal cervical lordosis. ... (0 replies)
Advice Please.
Jan 30, 2014
... I was in a car accident and have been dizzy, nauseous, constant headache, pins and needles sensation in my right arm that is turning into a burning sharp pain. I had an MRI and here are my findings: Straightening of the normal cervical lordosis Intact Ligaments Mild Spondylosis Annular Bulging at c6-c7 with mild foraminal narrowing. (1 replies)
... ulder impingement, which was only logical. As far as I know, though, you do not have clinical evidence that you do, while you certainly have clinical evidence of cervical impingement. I'd also note that one or two people on these boards have reported shoulder surgeries that later seemed unnecessary, so it works both ways. ... (30 replies)
... OK, to start with the adjectives: Moderate = clearly there, and possibly borderline problematic Severe = likely problematic straightening of the normal cervical lordosis = your cervical spine reverses the forward lean of the thoracic spine at shoulder level - this change to (relatively) backward-bending is called lordosis. The radiologist is saying you're not as... (23 replies)
... weighted images were performed through the cervical spine. ... (23 replies)
... Hi, I am new to the boards, but have been a long time reader. Please excuse me if this runs long - it's been a long 7 years. I'm 31 and outside of my spine I am pretty healthy (before my spine issues I was very healthy). Played rugby for several years as a young’un, was a firefighter for 5 years and then was t-boned by a guy running a red light. Doctors sent me to PT,... (23 replies)
... Evidence of extensive surgery is noted with fusion of the vertebral bodies and uncovertebral joints at C4 through C7 with reversal of lordosis through this region. ... (3 replies)
... Hello. Was it a whiplash? How did this accident happen? Do you have problems turning your neck? Straightening of the lordosis can cause pain (some doctors don't addres that yet). That is one thing. Also, perhaps you have muscle pain. If you are suffering from pain all the time, then you should think about taking pain meds. (2 replies)
... Neck pain, 723.1, right sided cervical radiculopathy. ... (1 replies)
... through the cervical spine without intravenous gadolinium. ... (2 replies)
... Mild reversal of cervical lordosis. ... (5 replies)
... There is normal vertebral body alignmment and height. There is a reversal of normal lordosis in the mid cervical spine. No abnormality at the foramen magnum or craniocervical junctions and atiantoaxial joints appear normal. ... (0 replies)
... C7 disk that required emergency ACDF. I have been Dx. with DDD of the cervical and lumbar spine, don't know about the thoracic, but that hurts as well. This all started at age 47. ... (5 replies)
... sided foramina narrowing noted. there is loss of lumbar lordosis. no spinal masses demonstrated. the cervical medullary junction and cervical cord signal intensities are preserved. ... (5 replies)

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