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... anterior cervical corpectomy. This will direct you to a link with a cute little animation! Also, if you type in the name of my collar, Miami JTO, you will get a list, one of which will give you a lovely front and back picture of the godforsaken contraption! ... (12 replies)
... Hi everyone. I recently discovered this board and have been doing a lot of reading for the past several days. However, I haven't found an answer to my question(s), so now I'm posting. I hope someone can help. I had an anterior cervical corpectomy (and diskectomy,I guess) on September 19. (The C-5 (I think, not sure) vertebra was removed along with the disks above and... (12 replies)
... tor has informed me that I will have to switch to a much different sort of brace. depending on the x rays I could be in any one of these. Aspen CTO, Minerva CTO, Miami JTO, and a CTLSO brace. I have no clue what any of these are. does anyone know or been in one of these braces? ... (11 replies)

... First, I was not just in a collar. I was in the Miami JTO, which includes the collar AND a lower portion. ... (4 replies)
Hi Carla!
Oct 28, 2003
... Hi Carla and Belle, Belle--I knew that you had MS, too, but I didn't feel it my place to tell Carla. (Sorry Carla!) I believe I posted to you quite a while ago about how my MS came to be diagnosed. (I believe you had asked me a question about it. Do you remember? I'm not sure if you ever replied to that post.) Carla--when I was recovering from my cervical surgery, I... (23 replies)
Hi Carla!
Oct 27, 2003
... Hi Carla, Thanks for all the kudos! Before I do anything else, I just want to wish you good luck with your plan of action. I hope that you will be able to get the relief you need without the trauma of surgery. Be careful with the chiropractor, though. I know that many people believe strongly in chiropractors, but I am not one of them. To be honest, I've probably... (23 replies)
Hi Carla!
Oct 26, 2003
... The contraption I was in was a Miami JTO. Many people here are in just the Miami J, which is the hard collar. The JTO includes the J plus an additional piece which covers the chest and back. It's horrendous. ... (23 replies)
... Hi again, Belle, I bumped up a thread from March 2. I don't know if you had seen it or not, but it explains a lot of what went on surrounding my "freeing" myself. The thread is called "Debbie2--because you asked". Now, to answer your other questions... You might hate me, but pain was never an issue for me. I experienced tremendous pain during the few days... (12 replies)
... Bump for Belle (and anyone else who might be interested) ------------------ Anterior Cervical Corpectomy/Diskectomy); own bone from left iliac crest; titanium plate with 4 screws. Freed myself of Evil Miami JTO (not just J) killer contraption against surgeon's orders (and happy I did it!!!!) Rebellion worked--I'm free with the surgeon's blessing now! YIPPEE!! (5 replies)
... Hi Belle and Debbie, Debbie--Boring? Me?? No way. Just busy!!!! Belle--I'll answer everything tomorrow. Before I write, I have to go back and see what I've already told you. The story is kind of long, and I don't want to bore you (and everyone else) with repetition. And since it's already past midnight, I'd never get to bed if I started now. But I promise to get... (12 replies)
... Hi Belle, I rarely post here anymore, but I do lurk occasionally. I just wanted to welcome you back. It's wonderful to "see" you again. Barb ------------------ Anterior Cervical Corpectomy/Diskectomy); own bone from left iliac crest; titanium plate with 4 screws. Freed myself of Evil Miami JTO (not just J) killer... (12 replies)
... Hi Lori, Just wanted to say hi and to tell you that I'm so sorry about the problems you're experiencing right now. I hope Debbie is right and that it's nothing more than just a pulled muscle. By the way, I am the one who had the surgeon from hell and the DKC!!! It doesn't seem like I did any damage by going against her orders!!! Take good care, my friend. I'll be... (6 replies)
Hey Barb......
Apr 26, 2003
... Hi everyone, Sorry I haven't been around in a while. I've just been so busy, as always. Don saw the surgeon on Tuesday and everything looks good. He actually could have gone back to work this past week, believe it or not, but the surgeon suggested that he take the rest of the week, so of course, Don decided to milk it!! But Monday he goes back, and hopefully, a... (31 replies)
... I guess you'd need the Miami JTO for more support. ... (5 replies)
Hey Barb......
Apr 21, 2003
... Hi everyone, Yes, Flushing is an appropriate place!!! Nothing much new to report today. Don sees the doctor tomorrow. I'll keep you posted. Lots and lots of love and hugs to all. Barb ------------------ (31 replies)
... Hi Bruce, Oh yes, the Cyclones are FUN!! They have all sorts of ridiculous contests and games between innings--nothing like what they have at the major league parks. (Even the grounds crew gets into the action; between the fifth and sixth innings, while they are flattening the dirt, they stop and do the Electric Slide and get "Funky"!) But the best ever was the... (36 replies)
Hey Barb......
Apr 20, 2003
... Hi everyone, Debbie knows me quite well by now, I see! Yes, I was too busy running back and forth, but yes again--I'm back! Here's the latest update. The news is better this time. Don was released from the hospital yesterday (Saturday) and as far as his leg is concerned, he is feeling much better. (Home can do that!) Thankfully, the doctors were able to prescribe an... (31 replies)
... Bruce, I feel like a jerk!!! Can I use my sheer exhaustion as an excuse for missing that wonderful subtle slam?? I think I can, right? (By the way, it was very good!!!) Somehow, I have to get you to a Cyclones game. They are really fun!!! Hope you're doing well. Barb (36 replies)
Hey Barb......
Apr 13, 2003
... Catherine, Nancy, Debbie, Bruce, and Joanne, It's 10pm, and I just got home from the hospital a little while ago. I came here just to check and see if anyone had posted a reply, but I didn't plan to post back tonight--I'm just too tired. But I had to. I am so touched by your warmth, concern, compassion, support, etc. In fact, my 11-year-old daughter came out of her... (31 replies)
... Hi everyone, Deb and Bruce--I don't do kreplach, but I make a mean kosher chicken soup!!! Everyone who tastes it says it's the best they've ever had. They say the same about my kasha varnishkes, too. (Actually, they say it about most of my cooking! hehe) (Deb--I do brisket, too.) Bruce--I don't know of any amateur team in the Bronx, but I do hold seasons tickets to... (36 replies)

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