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... I'm wondering if anyone can help me make sense of my MRI results. I have an appointment next week, but would like to approach it with some prior understanding. ... (3 replies)
... Welcome to the board. Sorry I didn't notice your post sooner. Clinical correlation means that the MRI is just one piece of the diagnostic puzzle. ... (1 replies)
... The neck/spine area is completely NEW for me. If it was the knee I could tell you pretty much anything you want to know. Any help on how decoding this MRI would be greatly appreciated and how serious this is "There is complete effacement of the ventral thecal sac, especially on the right where there is mild to moderate indentation in the ventral aspect of the spinal... (1 replies)

... I'm now reading a copy of the MRI results. I'm confused, and an extra phone call to my doc didn't clear up my confusion. ... (1 replies)
... Thank you for the detailed response. It is good to know that the MRI does support the pain I have been feeling. ... (5 replies)
... Well, the MRI supports that! First let me state that the hardware from a fusion complicates the clarity of the you need to take that into account. ... (5 replies)
... Anyhow, I just got my report back and the Dr. suggests that I see a Rheumatologist. I'm not sure that is the right place to go next after reading the results of my MRI, which is as follows. ... (1 replies)
... people on the board do not have formal medical training...i.e., we are not physicians. Second, the MRI is just one piece of the diagnostic puzzle. ... (2 replies)
... Welcome to the board. I'm sorry I didn't see your post sooner. You are correct to be skeptical. Do you know if your doctor looked at the MRI or is just relying on the radiology report for his information? ... (1 replies)
... I think it would depend on what it long as it is not thought to be a malignant tumor, and as long as it isn't putting pressure on the spinal cord, they may just watch it. (3 replies)
... Thank you so very much teterri66. I so appreciate your time and insight. So kind of you. I'm most curious about the growth. Do you happen to know what the most likely treatment options are? (3 replies)
... Welcome to the board. The most significant finding is that the lesion located at the right foramina at C3-4 has continued to enlarge. In addition there are some degenerative changes noted at a number of levels. Disc osteophyte complex refers to the formation of osteophytes (little bone spurs) on multiple vertebrae. It is often a part of a degenerative process called "... (3 replies)
... That makes sense. There is no guarantee that surgery would lessen the pain and can bring about new issues. From the report it doesn't appear there is any cord compression and serious nerve compression, so if you can manage the pain without more surgery, it is worth waiting. (5 replies)
... Yes-primarily on the left. Since the surgery I have had some sporadic pain on the right side but the left is definitely worse. (5 replies)
... Are your pain and symptoms mostly on the left side? (5 replies)
... Thanks SO much for replying. I SHOULD have gotten the text results of the MRI as well as the image but did not. ... (7 replies)
... Like "Istitch4ever"said. You need to get some sort of scan... Whether an MRI,CT scan or something else. You can't tell if it's serious or not without getting this done. If you have a decent primary physician, he/she will be able to start you through this process. It could be minor or something very serious. But you must 1st start off by the going to the Dr. We can't tell you... (3 replies)
... Do surgeons avoid exploring reasons for diminishing results after they perform spinal fusions? ... (1 replies)
... I don't really understand much about the MRI findings. Does this mean the spinal cord is involved? ... (2 replies)
... s of suffering with neck pain. Initially things were great and I was relatively pain free. The neck pain began to return after about 3 months so I had a repeat MRI in June of 2014. ... (5 replies)

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