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Apr 17, 2014
... E, GP and physiotherapy on countless occasions with no answers. I was finally sent to have an MRI scan. Though the numbness in the tip of my right thumb never goes, the pain has gone down dramatically compared to the first few weeks. ... (0 replies)
... MRI results show c2-c3 Shallow left foraminal soft protrusions without compressive discopathy. c3-c4 There are mixed biforaminal protrusions left greater than right contributing to mild to moderate left sided foraminal stenosis. c4-c5 Mild anterolisthesis, central broad-based disc displacement and a super imposed left foraminal protrusions contributes to mild to moderate left... (0 replies)
... I can tell you this. When I had my first MRI 2 years ago, they said it was all moderate, because I didn't have any symptoms other than neck pain. ... (7 replies)

... Have pins n' needles left side face,neck and ear. Episodes of pain in back of neck on left side from mid-shoulder blade to base of skull. Neurosurgeon ordered steroid injections (C1 and C4) with no improvement. Interested in hearing from others with same problem as to what treatments helped and their long-term results. (1 replies)
... It reads there is minimal posterior L3-L4 disc bulging. Mild broad posterior L4-L5 disc bulging is present. There is mild broad posterior L5-S1 disc bulging of increased T2 signal at the posterior annular margin. Degenerative changes of L4-L5, L5-S1 apophyseal joints are present. Small synovial cyst projects posteriorly from the right L4-L5 apophyseal joint. I would... (0 replies)
... Thoughts on the MRI results? ... (17 replies)
... No pain No surgery imho you can work on your weakness Try this Heat & Ice 6 times a day Get some Capsaicin Cream use twice a day (7 replies)
... I'm 32 yr old mom with Vasculitis (prob Churg-Strauss), POTS, Sinus Tachycardia. Had MRI of brain & neck after suspected TIA. I'm confused by the results: -"cerebellar tonsils low lying with inferior aspect of cerebellar tonsil just approaching superior aspect of posterior arch of C1. Little associated cervicomedullary compression. -"mild degenerative changes evident with... (1 replies)
... I'll post what the MRI says and I'm trying to understand if the main problem seems to be stenosis and could this be the cause of my pain starting on my head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and numbing----- burning of the center spine ------ lumbar pain down to my hips, with numbing of the hips, legs and feet all with extreme pain almost 24/7. Cervical Spine MRI .there is... (0 replies)
... hi zoematt --- there are ever so many knowledgeable folks here who understand all those 'big words'. i'm not one of them. i've been told that radiologists generalize into 'mild, moderate and severe' -- and if they use the word MILD on you, that's rather a good thing. that doesn't help your pain any..... but it could keep you off the surgical table. i can identify totally with... (1 replies)
... I herniated C4 C5 and had to have surgery done that on DEC 7 2012.After the third month I started having more pain.Told the doctor that done my surgery he had an MRI done and said that I am not healing yet.In June of 2013 still was not doing good I couldn't use my left arm and having pain down my right arm. ... (1 replies)
... Here are the results from my MRI, any help is appreciated. ... (0 replies)
MRI help
Feb 3, 2014
... Here are the results from my MRI, any help is appreciated. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks so much for your reply. I will post the MRI results once received. I have not pinpointed the pain to any certain digit. I had carpal tunnel surgery on the same hand 10 years ago. ... (2 replies)
... Thank you WebDozer for your response!! ER Dr said I had C5-6 radiculopathy. My symptoms are progressively getting worse since my initial ER visit in October '13. You mention ACDF, but what about ADR? If I do decide to have surgery, I'm leaning towards ADR since it's less intense of a procedure/recovery/longterm results. But then again, what do I know besides what these... (3 replies)
... Hey did you go to your Dr. appointment & get the results? I hope that it wasn't a severe diagnosis. I was trying to read up on the possible conditions related to the marrow. (3 replies)
Spine questions
Mar 7, 2014
... I am 33 years old and have had back pain for years. Over the past few months it has become unbearable at times. I had an MRI done and received the results but do not understand exactly what it means: L4-5- there is mild disc bulging and facet arthropathy with mild lateral recess stenosis on the right. L5-S1 - there is diffuse disc bulging and osteophytosis resulting in high... (0 replies)
... NS recommended 3 level ACDF based on my MRI findings, but I am torn whether to go for the surgery or not. I do not have any pain in my neck or in my arms. ... (7 replies)
... The specialist will probably order the MRI and that is when I will most likely have to do some planning for the future. ... (28 replies)
Bone Scan
Feb 18, 2014
... s after the third month.My left arm I couldn't move it,went back to the doctor and told him that I am having pain down my right arm.He done an ex ray and MRI.the results showed that I have c3 c4 disc but not touching the cord.C5 C6 is mildly touching the cord and that is why the pain on the right. ... (0 replies)

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