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... Depending on the number that is the level where you neural foramina is narrowed. ... (2 replies)
... what does narrowing of the neural foramina mean (2 replies)
... there is fairly severe impingement on neural foramina bilaterally at C67 secondary to these osteophytes. ... (22 replies)

... Hello folks. I found out that there is a lot of knowledgeable citizens on this forum. Perhaps I can get some piece of mind with your input. I am 38 years old. About three years ago I had a 30 pound box slipped between my arms hitting me on top of the head. The doctors diagnosed was a strained neck. I had pain and stiffness in the neck for like three weeks. My neck has always... (2 replies)
... I, too, was just diagnosed with cervical stenosis and formainal narrowing from C3 all the way to C7. I had been having many, many neurological symptoms and finally after 2 yrs they decided to do an MRI. ... (14 replies)
... i can go back to my gp i know but i dont want to make any fuss if it really isnt anything to worry about. is the narrowing some kind of stenosis? ... (14 replies)
... hi, neck, did a great job of explaining it,i could never put into those words .I just want to add than depending on the area of the narrowing(for ex, mine is in my neck normal dm. is 12-14 )so anything below a 10 in that area would be called spinal stenosis lower the number the worse the stenoisis, Mine is really low don't know the # but was told it was real low.Do some... (2 replies)
... central disk protrusion, displaces cord posteriorly, results in compression, neural foramina patent. ... (5 replies)
MRI results
Jan 14, 2016
... disc protusion effacing the ventral thecal sac causing some minimal ventral cord flattening but no frank cord compression or intrinsic cord signal abnormality. Neural foramina are widely patent. ... (1 replies)
... effacing the thecal sac and contacting the ventral spinal cord, contributing to mild central canal stenosis. Uncovertebral spurring contributes to mild bilateral neural foraminal stenosis. ... (4 replies)
... C5. Patency of neural foramina is difficult to qualify given motion artifact. ... (1 replies)
... I had a MVC in October 2014, causing back pain. The pain has progressively gotten worse, and now I am having some pretty daunting symptoms. I had an MRI earlier this month and am waiting on my neurosurgeon appointment. Here are my results, if anyone would like to give me some insight, that would be much appreciated. MRI Lumbar Spine Degenerative Modic Type 2 endplate... (4 replies)
... Central canal and neural foramina patient. ... (2 replies)
... The thoracic canal and foramina are patent. ... (6 replies)
Neck issues
Mar 21, 2015
... over the past year i have experienced moderate to severe pain on a daily basis. it occurs in my neck, shoulders, mid-back, lumbar region, i have weak aching legs, & weakness in my arms. i have tried all known conservative treatments to no avail. unfortunately due to gastrits, any pain medication so far prescribed for me has given me severe stomach pain. i can take muscle... (8 replies)
... No disc bulge or focal herniation evident. There is no narrowing of the central canal. The right neural foramen is patent. ... (12 replies)
... sided neural foramina. Only mild mass effect right lateral recess. This could potentially affect the right C6 nerve root. ... (6 replies)
... You need to see a different orthopedic surgeon. (7 replies)
... I am so happy to have found this thread! Early in September, I started having a pain in my neck, radiating into my shoulder and arm. I went to see an orthopedic specialist who gave me a steroid shot in the shoulder, although the x-ray of the shoulder showed nothing wrong. It seemed that the shot helped for a week or so and then the pain was back, and slowly kept getting worse... (7 replies)
... bilateral narrowing of neural foramina... ... (4 replies)

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