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... what is a paracentral disc extrusion at the level of c6-c7 (1 replies)
... I had a slipped disc on which was identified by my doctor on physical examination and was later confirmed by the MRI. ... (0 replies)
... In our terms it is when the outer part of the disc ruptures, allowing the inner, spongy part of the disc to squeeze out. Sometimes the material can migrate to another area in your canal. ... (1 replies)

... cushion. A disc extrusion is a sign of disc degeneration where disc material has come out of the disc and disc space and in your wife's case, is pushing into the spinal canal and cord. ... (1 replies)
... I have degenerative disc changes with mild posterior disc bulging. ... (11 replies)
... herniation extending slightly inferior to the disc space level into the left lateral recess causing mass effect on the proximal left L5 nerve root. ... (2 replies)
... There is disc space narrowing along with disc desiccation and anterior spur formation. Inferior foraminal narrowing bilaterally secondary to lateral disc bulges. ... (2 replies)
... C7 demonstrates mild degenerative disc disease resulting in mild canal stenosis and foriaminal narrowing. Can someone help me with this new finding. ... (0 replies)
... have developed very small disc bulges. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, I've been having a severe pain at the back of the right shoulder blade. the pain is particularly at a single point in the top of the blade. the pain is especially severe when i try to get up from the bed. Initially i thought, i've hurt my shoulder while lifting the weights. As per doctor suggestion i took MRI for cervical spine and here is the report. MRI REPORT: (4 replies)
... there is a central disc extrusion which demonstrates superior migration along the posterior margin of the c3 vertebral body. this disc extrusion measures 4 mm x 6 mm x 9 mm in AP by transverse by craniocaudal dimension. there is severe spinal canal stenosis. no free disc fragment is identified. ... (14 replies)
... I've got my bone scan and MRI reports. It's kind of long and drawn out and I'm not sure exactly what's important. Here's a bit of what the bone scan said: At the C4 level there was intense uptake involving the left transverse process and facet w/o sig involvement of the body of the vertebra or the right side. C5 & C6 there was intense uptake in the right transverse... (7 replies)
... There is a loss of disc space height. Anterior osteophytic spurring is seen. There is a 5mm AP cranially and caudily dissecting 11mm left paracentral disc extrusion that contacts and modertly indents the ventral spinal cord. There is moderate left foraminal stenosis with expected contact of the left C6 nerve root. ... (2 replies)
MRI results
Oct 22, 2008
... medium central and left paracentral disc extrusion cephalad of C5 vertebral body of 4mm, and caudally posterior to C6 vertebral body of 4mm, there is impression onto the thecal sac. ... (17 replies)
... My husband has complained of pain and leg numbness for two months. The MRI impressions are 1.) Large left paracentral disc extrusion at L5-S1 severely displacing the transversing left S1 nerve posteriorly causing flattening of the anterior nerbe but no evidence of compression against any adjacent structures. Moderate arthrosis is present in posterior joints bilaterally2.)... (2 replies)
... You have every right to be scared. I have Left paracentral disc extrusion at the level of c-7. I have heard horror stories about neck and back surgery. Check out the minimally invasive type surgeries. Where they don't cut much into the muscle. Get several opinions and don't rush to have surgery ever. (10 replies)
... A portion of a disc in the mid/upper back (T7-8) has ruptured and pushed into the spinal canal. It is pressing on the lining of that canal (the mass effect they refer to). There is a smaller rupture affecting the lower back (L5-S1) and some wear and tear type changes at a couple of other levels. The significance of all this depends on the symptoms you're experiencing and... (2 replies)
... S1 Small central disc protrusion ,Additionally there is diffuse disc bulge. ... (11 replies)
New guy with a ?
Nov 10, 2005
... level there is evidence of a central and left paracentral disc extrusion resulting in mild canal stenosis an no cord compression. ... (0 replies)

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