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Cervical spine MRI
Aug 15, 2017
... I assume you are under the care of a spine surgeon. You might consider getting an opinion from a second spine surgeon just for comparison. ... (3 replies)
Cervical spine MRI
Aug 14, 2017
... thanks for your reply. In answer to your question about my ankylosing spondylitis: my AS is confined to my Sacro-ileac (SI). My neck issues have always been degenerative. I am concerned about the multi-level stenosis and the progression of my symptoms.I will check on line for the dermatome map. (3 replies)
Cervical spine MRI
Aug 14, 2017
... ent is good and there is no loss of disc height. There is some narrowing of the foraminal openings...which puts pressure on these spinal nerves as they exit the spine and go out to the area of the body that nerve innervates. You can look online for a "dermatome map" to see which nerve innervates which area of the body. ... (3 replies)

Cervical spine MRI
Aug 13, 2017
... I just received my latest neck MRI and would appreciate anyone's help in interpretation. I have ankylosing spondylitis and long standing degenerative neck problems. I am now experiencing vertigo along with neck pain, stiffness, parasthesia in arms and legs, and cognitive impairment (apparently not related to my neck) I take Tramadol, Gabapentin, and a biologic called Cimzia.... (3 replies)
... Gabapentin takes some time to get used to. It is an excellent medication, so try to bear with the brain will get better. I currently take 1200mg a day in divided doses. A higher dose made me slur my words and unable to function. (3 replies)
... to the board. I am sorry no one has responded to you. I am very sorry your mom is having to deal with these unfortunate complications. I have only had lumbar spine surgeries so I don't have much to offer. Often it just takes time for swelling to go down for the complication to resolve or ameliorate. ... (1 replies)
... It is always possible that you have had this reverse cervical spine curve for a long time but it was never noticed before due to lack of symptoms. Then the ligaments stretched and you developed symptoms. ... (3 replies)
... My mri report says that I have conspicuous reverse cervical spine and i have bulging disc from c2 to c6. ... (3 replies)
... Loss of the lordotic curve in the cervical spine can be caused by posture and by tight ligaments, muscles and soft tissue. I think it could be caused by the airplane experience. ... (3 replies)
... s, tingling and pain on my right hand and arm. So my neurologist ordered an mri on cervical spine. And the results shows that I have conspicuous reverse cervical spine that the doctor does not think caused by positioning only. About six months ago, I was on an airplane and dozed off too hard. ... (3 replies)
... Welcome to the board. The MRI reveals degenerative disc disease which is a technical word to describe "wear and tear" that occurs to the intervertebral disc or discs causing chronic pain. The discs are the soft, gelatinous cushions between the bones of the spine. They are composed of 90+% moisture. As we age, the discs lose moisture and tend to flatten, bringing the bones... (3 replies)
... I previously had 2 x MRI BRAIN which were clear but neuro wanted mri repeated with contrast and wanted c spine MRI also to rule out CSF leak or any issues with c spine. ... (3 replies)
... Technique: Sagital T1, T2, and STIR and axial T2 and T2 GRE sequences were aquired through the cervical spine. Findings: No cerebellar herniation is appreciated. There are no intra medullary spinal cord lesions. C2-3: There is no evidence of disc herniation, canal stenosis, or neural foraminal enchroachment. C3-4: A 1 mm right posterolateral disc protrusion/herniation... (1 replies)
... pathy from spinal cord damage and i take a medicine called Lyrica or pregabalin to help with the neuropathy symptoms. I also have had to stay under the care of a spine specialist, neurosurgeon, for years. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for your reply. Every time I've tried to reply - b4 I'm done - my reply disappears right b4 I'm finished. Can't try again right now. My surgery was 5/16/17. (2 replies)
... higher among smokers. Increasingly spine surgeons will not operate on a person who smokes...except in an emergency where the patient's life would be compromised by postponing surgery. ... (2 replies)
... Are you being treated by a spine surgeon? ... (4 replies)
Cervical Rhysotomy
Jun 29, 2017
... (5 replies)
Cervical Rhysotomy
Jun 29, 2017
... Welcome to the board. I would say it is not common, but it is not unusual either. I have learned to never expect the same experience with a procedure on the spine. Different nerves react differently and you can have one experience on the same nerve one time, and a different experience the next time. However, if I understood you correctly, the procedure was a month ago... (5 replies)
... esult in stenosis which can occur in the central canal and in the foramina, which is an opening along each vertebral level that allows a spinal nerve to exit the spine to go out to the part of the body it innervates. ... (4 replies)

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