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... Thanks MZPain - I appreciate your input very much. I'm thinking that this probably isn't a case of malpractice, but more a case of his thinking, "What she doesn't know won't hurt her!" His explanation for not telling me at the time he discovered the breaks was, "Well, you weren't complaining about them so I didn't see any reason to get you all upset about it." I would have... (4 replies)
... ed no pain at the time is some how the cause of all your pain and disabilty now. Millions of people walk around with DDD and never know it, walking around with a fracture that isn't causing any symptoms is really no different. so I understand the reaon not to emphasize a problem that really isn't causing any synptoms. ... (4 replies)
... He said it was coming from the 2 vertabrae fractures at T3 and T4. These fractures were news to me...he's never mentioned them to me before. ... (4 replies)

... No acute fracture or osseous destructive lesion. No marrow signal abnormality. ... (4 replies)
... Hi!! I am a bit overwhelmed and could use some help I am a 35 year old female...I have been going to the doctor for thoracic back pain since March 1st..I have been through what feels like 5 different diagnosis since then and still no answers..they have ruled out osteoporosis and all blood work is normal... The scans showing different results...I have a chest and spine MRI with... (6 replies)
... Here are the results of the 2nd MRI, as follows. FINDINGS: There is 1-2 mm of dorsal subluxation at C4-5 and CS-6. The cervical vertebral bodies are unremarkable in height. There is no vertebral body fracture. The paraspincus musculature is unremarkable. There are no significant areas of marrow replacement. The atlantoaxial and the atlanta-occipital relations are... (16 replies)
... No compression fracture is seen. No listhesis. ... (2 replies)
Pain and Dispair
Aug 2, 2012
... told me that I had sustained a fracture to C1, a fracture to T3 and T9. as well she told me there was and old Fracture to C1 as well. ... (6 replies)
... T3, no HNP, canal stenosis or neural foraminal narrowing is identified. No evidence of compression fracture or subluxation is identified. ... (21 replies)
... T3, no HNP, canal stenosis or neural foraminal narrowing is identified. No evidence of compression fracture or subluxation is identified. ... (21 replies)
... I was wondering if anyone else has experienced severe radiculopathy emanating from the T3-T4 thoracic region (or similar) following traumatic burst and compression fractures at those levels? I'm interested what you've experienced and what the outcome was. I suffered 9 spinal fractures (among other injuries) in September when high winds blew me and my bicycle off a mountain.... (1 replies)
... ar area and lower neck and upper trapezius. the only displacement were at the C7 level, with significant compression of nerve roots on the left side, and a burst fracture at T3. I'm unsure whether the scapular pain I'm having is from the C7 injury or the T3 injury. ... (3 replies)
... C7 fused, but nothing was done for my T3 burst fracture or the other compression fractures. I, too, have burning pain into my scapula. ... (3 replies)
... No evidence of hardware fracture or failure is identified. ... (14 replies)
... No evidence of hardware fracture or failure is identified. ... (14 replies)
... Here's my MRI. Thank you for your comments. Day 6 after corticosteroid epidural.. No relief from pain. I will be seeing my NS on Monday (today is Wednesday)and see what he says about the pain doctors not following his directions. Believe it or not this is a very famous institution that I'm going to. MR SPINE CERVICAL WITHOUT CONTRAST (72141) : 08/05/2011† † † † MRI OF... (7 replies)
... Here are results for my 3 most recent MRI's: Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar: I've had back and neck pain for years. Every MRI I have gotten over the years I have had to beg a doctor to order for me. I've had lumbar and cervical studies in the past that have shown degenerative changes, osteophytes, and severe cervical stenosis that resulted in a C4-5 ACDF in Nov 2006. I... (0 replies)
... My physician ordered a cervical MRI after I complained about tingling & numbness in my hands and feet. Since then, the tingling has progressed to my arms & legs; and left side of face. I can't get an appt. with a neurologist until June 9. Please help interpreting MRI results, and preparing questions for neurologist. Subset of results include - C2-3: Right facet is... (0 replies)
... es osteoid osteoma unlikely. If clinically warranted, further evaluation with bone scan may be helpful. Visualizaion of ribs is unremarkable without evidence of fracture or altered attnuation. Partial visualization of the lung parenchyma is unremarkable for the patient's age. ... (2 replies)
... "In January 2004 I was involved in a serious RTA. as a result of the accident I was hospitalised with a serious head laceration. I also complained of severe back/neck pain. I was X-Rayed in the emergency room. I received hospital treatment for 3 weeks for the head injury, including 3 general anaesthetic operations, but no further treatment for the neck pain. In March... (0 replies)

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