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... It has been more than 6 months since my last surgery C3 to C6 Laminoplasty and 18 months since T7/T8 Discectomy and a particle T7/T8 Vertebrectomy & Spinal Fusion. and today my surgeon advises me that he what's to performs surgery on my T6/T7 since it has herniated more (got larger) and is now compression the cord (3mm). Question: Has anyone had surgery redone on the... (22 replies)
... spinal cord and not the nerves that leave the cord and go out to the body. It would need to impinge on those nerves to cause the pain in your chest. Spinal cord compression causes problems below that level in the legs with possible weakness and numbness of areas like your toes but most definitely below the waist. ... (11 replies)
... moderate sized left paracentral disc herniation which moderately idenents the left ventral hemicord causing mile to moderate focal cord compression but without significant central spinal canal stenosis. ... (11 replies)

... Hi I have a thoracic T8 - T9 herniation which is crushing the spinal cord. I have lost feeling severely over the last three months and am on crutches to stop me falling over. I have been rushed through to surgery and being admitted into hospital on Sunday 4th Sept for surgery on the 5th. It is aimed to be a 10 hr plus op with them working from the chest. They are unable... (22 replies)
... Has anyone had recent thoracic spinal surgery for Thoracic Disc Herniation I have a large T7 /T8 Disc Herniation with signifcant cord compression and moderate compression at T6 / T7 and T8 / T9, the Doctors say that surgery is the only option right now. Since I have developed degeneration below my waist and physiotherapy and osteotherapy has not helped. any insight will be... (22 replies)
... Hi Again. Really need some advise and possible help. MRI shows I have mild anterior compression of T6 and and T7 superior end plates with mild central Schmorl node formation of T7 noted. ... (5 replies)
... Jenny Sorry I didnt get back to you sooner. My biggest symptom is I have major pain between my shoulder blades and then i have pain that shoots down the whole right side of my body. When it is really bad, I have his pain right between my breast bone, it feels lie I have swallowed a horse pill that got stuck in my throat. That is killer. I also have other issue with my... (5 replies)
... Jema...can I ask what your symptoms were? I'm waiting for the results of my thoracic MRI but my previous one showed 3 herniated disks and cord compression at T7-8. I just recently developed severe pain on my left side with some now on my right. I was having muscle spasms for months prior to this. When it gets bad I have a lot of pain breathing and am in so much pain I can't... (5 replies)
... an't move. Worse than a kidney stone. But everything inside checked out okay so they are looking to my spine. Already have 3 herniated disks there with some cord compression but I suspect they will find it's worse. ... (5 replies)
... t12 are compressing your spinal cord. At t5 there is an increased t2 signal which is indicative of myelomalacia. The compression on the cord and the myelomalacia can cause symptoms like you are mentioning in segments at or below below those enervated by the affected cord segment. ... (9 replies)
... believe its related to myelomalacia in some form. The orthopedic surgeon says theres nothing he can do, but I'm confused, because my MRIS says I have spinal cord compression representing myelomalacia. ... (9 replies)
... gmak, I'm sorry about my confusion. I don't think right. I am posting the results below and can you tell me what you think? ************** There are 3 MRI's below, the 2 lumbar ones are combined in one report of the Lumbar. Lumbar...... Findings: Since the prior MRI from 9/13/2013, status post interval lumbar instrumentation and fusion from L1 through L5 with... (26 replies)
... Old compression deformity of the superior endplate of T11 with mild wedging of the vertebrae. No significant loss of height. ... (2 replies)
... Ive got my MRI results and are as follows. Hemangiona are noted at C2-T1 and T4. Minimal scoliosis and reduction of the lower cervical lordosis but normal alignment. At C6-C7 there is a small central protrusion more prominent to the right effacing the CFS anterior to the cord and causing distortion of the cord but not causing cord compression. No signal change within the... (9 replies)
... well ive got my cervical MRI results and some of my thoracic spine as well. Hemangioma are noted at C2-T1 and T4. Minimal scoliosis and reduction of the lower cervical lordosis but normal alignment. At C6-C7 there is a small central protrusion more prominent to the right effacing the CSF anterior to the cord and causing disortion of the cord but not causing cord... (8 replies)
... the thoracic spine reveals no thoracic scoliosis or subluxation. The thoracic vertebrae are normal is size and configuration revealing no marrow replacement or compression fracture. The posterior elements including pedicles, lamina and spinous processes are intact. No paravertebral soft tissue mass is seen. ... (7 replies)
... Thoracic surgery is tough to do and most docs won't do it for pain or even numbness but only when the cord compression gets so bad, you can barely walk. To remove a herniated disk requires going under the lung and heart to reach it so it is very perilous surgery. ... (5 replies)
... I actually have a similar situation in the same area. My pain management Doc and surgeon both said it was very unusual and one said it is something that would most likely be seen due to a motor cycle accident!? Never been in an accident, and I too have been referred to a Neurologist Oct. 27. for some reason I have sudden onset left quad weakening, reducing my ability to... (11 replies)
... Two doctors say "hey, we've never seen this" - has anyone else or does anyone else have this issue: T6-T7 - 3mm protruded disk completely effaces ventral thecal sac with SLIGHT cord flattening and cord compression T8-T9 protruded disk completely effaces ventral thecal sac with SIGNIFICANT cord flattening and cord compression I guess this is highly unusual area??? No... (11 replies)
... Moderate Canal Stenosis is noted secondary to disc oteophtye complex and hypertrophled facet joint. Mild cord compression is noted. Bilateral foramina are unremarkable. ... (7 replies)

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