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Apr 18, 2007
My friend telephoned me in tears last night as she was tested for STD's.

All were clear except anti-bodies for Chlamydia were found.

She had Chlamydia found 5 years ago and it was treated with anti-biotics, the next test a week or so later was clear.

She has had no sexual partners since (she tells me everything and is open with me) but is arranging to meet a guy soon so she got tested again and was horrified to find it was there again.

The Dr prescribed a weeks course of anti-biotics again.

The first question is, how does Chlamydia come back after anti-biotic treatment if she has had no sexual contact?
She would not lie about this as I tell her about all my sexual liaisons.

After she finished this weeks course and if she is clear when tested again is it safe for her to have sex with this guy? (he has also been tested for STD's).

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