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I have a question, hoping someone who is an expert can help me with it. In November, I was with one sexual partner, who was rather rough and it did not take long for the attempt at sex to be over with - because it was too painful - my partner attempted to masturbate me but it was rather rough and painful for a few days afterwards because of the rough treatment - small tiny white blisters formed soon after the encounter. They were not painful, did not secrete fluid, and I did not develop any other symptoms. That was months ago, and they have not gone away. They have not spread either though, which is good, and they are not itchy or painful. I have had itching on my inner thigh, and a small red rash there, but usual only when I sweat or shave the pubic area. Some have suggested it may be jock itch. They also have suggested that the white bumps on the penis may just be papales, which a lot of men have. A suggestion was made that I should try treating myself for jock itch first, and also stop masturbating, since masturbation and friction may be causing the blisters to linger, and if its jock itch, they said I need to make sure the area stays dry or the blisters will never go away. Also, I should note that every partner I was with before this incident and every partner since this incident have had STD tests and came out negative for all STDs, including herpes. I am not that sexually active, so that gives me relief. Does anyone know what these white painless bumps could be - and could it really just be jock itch or a lingering irritation from the incident back in November? I have seen pictures of herpes and other STDs and my bumps do not resemble any of them - they look a lot smaller and more benign. Before I subject myself to embarrassing medical tests and examinations I want to cover all possible causes of it, and treat things as simply as possible.

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