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... purple rash which will fade after using a bit of hydrocortisone but never goes completely. I dont appear to have any discharge or burning when urinating and the only other thing i have sometimes is a pain around the belly button area which goes after a day or so. ... (2 replies)
... I first noticed a couple of red patches on my penis head earlier this week. ... (1 replies)
... it came back.. it now hurts more.. and there is some white stuff around my penis head.. i dunno.. but i am freaking out here... ... (1 replies)

... it came back.. it now hurts more.. and there is some white stuff around my penis head.. i dunno.. but i am freaking out here... ... (1 replies)
... ve had burning, tingling and redness on my penis and testicles on and off for 2 years. it started after having unprotected sex 2 years ago and has never really gone away. ... (5 replies)
... About the soap, I do think that this might be the case. Like I said, the burning began after washing with soap and has disapeard on its own. Then I washed my penis again with soap, because I was meeting with a girl, more gently and carefully this time , and the next night the burning began again. ... (7 replies)
... Yes, I know its permanent, but it is not always inflamed, right? By settled down I meant not being inflamed anymore. And what do you mean by everything ? Syphillis, HIV, chalmydia , gonorrhea, UTI , yeast infection, herpes, that would be about it, right? An awlful lot of illnesses,haha. I am circumcised, so I have no foreskin. English is not my mother language, so I am... (7 replies)
... not to go off on a tangent but im new on this site. but about a week ago i had unprotected sex and ever sense then the in side of my penis had hurt kinda like a burning but it does not hurt when i pee! then about a day ago i noticed 4 red raised pimple looking bumps just below the head of my penis. ... (3 replies)
Apr 30, 2008
... does anyone know whats up wi me.for the last month ive had an ache down one side of my penis and slight irratation ,now it seems the head of my penis seems to be burning.if i feel it it seems cold to touch .i tried a thrush cream and fluconazol ,it doesnt seem to clear it up . ... (0 replies)
... The next day, the head of my penis was a little irritated, but i though nothing of it. So about 3 days later it was still me, and i notice my urine was really dark. ... (0 replies)
... m on, her finger touched my urethrea for 2 or 3 seconds while trying to get it on after the encounter i rushed home and took a bottle of hydrogen peroxide put my penis head at the opening and sqeezed the bottle forcing hydrogen peroxide into my urethrea and then i drank a bunch of water and pissed it out....... ... (7 replies)
... very slight burning sensation, head of penis slightly discolored with small redish spots very near in the hole slightly reaised. ... (5 replies)
... t the prescribed medicine for gonorhea. After 24 hours, discharge stoped and I thought I could relax. After few weeks, I started feeling tingling and very slight burning sensation and itchiness in the tip of my pennis. This time I went to a Urologist, had my urine incubated and given prescription for gonorhea. ... (0 replies)
... broke and I did not see any sign of it. After 20 minutes of oral sex I suddenly took shower with very hot water to kill all the virus from my penis. I burned my penis and it lasted for about two days. than it was back to normal. ... (0 replies)
... unprotected sex about a very slight burning sensation in the head of my penis. ... (2 replies)
... s that look like pimples. There is maybe like 7 that i can see and they are all the shaft in one general area on the top of my penis. I have one just under the head of my penis. What can this be? ... (2 replies)
... had unprotected sex with a girl. Last week I noticed that when I urinated there was a sharp burning pain coming from the head of the penis. ... (8 replies)
Slight burning
Jun 9, 2002
... Lately i have had this burning sort of in the head of my penis, but there really isn't any when i urinate, if there is its only in the beginning of urination. ... (3 replies)
... months ago I had sex with my then new girl friend. The next day there was a red patch in the skin behind the head of my penis it started to really burn and tingle. Then after about 4 days I had a really dull ache in my left testicle. So I went to The Sexual Health Clinic. ... (4 replies)
Slept with hooker.
Sep 21, 2017
... I slept with a Prostitute who is definitely high risk. I had unprotected oral for maybe a minute and then protected sex after. This has been about 10 days ago. since then I have had a weird feeling in my groin area. I have no visible sores or bumps. no puss. but have a mild burning that comes and goes in the same spot on my penis, just below the head on the shaft slightly to... (2 replies)

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