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Chlamidia Question
Feb 21, 2011
... I know that chlamidia can be asymptomatic, but I was wondering if the symtoms can appear after a long period of no symptoms? ... (3 replies)
Aug 18, 2009
... i took antibiotics yesterday for chlamidia but later used a sex toy that the last time i used i must of had chlamidia. should i get a new set of antibiotics? ... (1 replies)
... It may sound stupid but i read that chlamidia is a bacteria that lives in sperm and vaginal discharge... ... (1 replies)

Feb 18, 2006
... I am not realy sure if I understand were Chlamidia plays a part in this. It sounds like she has candida. Candida causes a yeast infection and is not the same as chlamidia which is an STD. Also yes it is ok for her to use the cream during her period and you should probubly abstain from having sex until the infection is gone. ... (2 replies)
... Mrenton, No! It was the prevent reiinfection of your partner. But, if you used a vibrator, throw it away and get a new one. I would wait several months before I get retested. (3 replies)
... Whilst being given medication for chlamidia I was told not to have sex for 2 weeks, and have followed that advice. However I have masturbated a couple of times during the 2 weeks. ... (3 replies)
... I need some urgent advice please on behalf of my younger brother. He recently confided in me with a problem but completely dismissed the advice i gave him. He recently briefly split up with his longterm girlfriend. A few weeks after they split he had unprotected sex with a girl who he was seeing. Then he got back with his girlfriend and had unportected sex with her... (3 replies)
... in. i saw my doc and had tests done to rule out normal bacterial development and chlamidia, i went for the results last week and the tests had to be repeated for chlamidia as it come back inconclusive. ... (0 replies)
... and maybe the gorilla in the room is should you tell your new partner? Yes. (3 replies)
Chlamidia Question
Feb 27, 2011
... Symptoms can remain silent for years... If left untreated it can lead to PID. It would be a good idea to get a full std test to put your mind at rest. (3 replies)
Chlamidia Question
Feb 27, 2011
... Anyone? :D (3 replies)
Aug 19, 2009
... The bacteria will not live for long exposed to air. If it was dry and at least several days since it was used, then you should be good to go. (1 replies)
... Doctors ususlly treat chlamidia with doxycicline, zithromax treats gonnorhea, often if a STD is suspected both antibiotics will be prescribed. ... (1 replies)
... lol, definitely wishful thinking. You need to got to the doc and get treated properly. (1 replies)
... Is this a symptom, ive been sore for the last 3 days, ive woken up twice in two nights with sharp pains just above my pubic region. My girlfriend got treated for it ive yet to get off work for it. Just wondering if this is a symptom for a male. Its not sore when i pee or ejaculate. (0 replies)
Strange disease
Apr 6, 2007
... help please! a while back i had sex with a guy the condom burst, abt 3 days later i felt something was attacking my lower stomach had terrible diarreah,then symptoms moved to what felt like my bladder,lower stomach felt like something was tearing apart my stomach very painful was treated for chlamidia, and trichonomis, have been tested for all other stds including... (0 replies)
Jan 27, 2007
... hi , i was tested for chlamidia in 1995 , and i was never offered medication to eradicate the chlamidia , i dont feel ill , but can it be doing me harm, reason i asked is i have a new girl friend , and i have to keep making excusews not to have sex, i dont want to infect her , what should i do , i am desperate and i embarrssed ,plz help (4 replies)
... I'm a 27 year old guy. I went on a family holiday to thailand where my brother was getting married. I travelled to bangkok and got drunk with a guy I met in a bar, the last thing I honestly remember is us talking to some thai girls. Next thing I remember is waking up in my hotel, with most of my clothes on, still had cash and credit card in pocket. a few days later the... (0 replies)
... I have had chlamidia 2 times already in my life. so when i started having symptoms of an std i went to the doctor immediatly. ... (1 replies)
... Do you know just how STDs are transmitted? Because what you did is exactly how you get them. Wearing a condom for a while, and then taking it off is insane. You might as well not have bothered in the first place. As for 'checking' her for symptoms... :rolleyes: People can have syphillis, chlamidia, gonorrhea, herpes... be showing no symptoms, and still be able to pass it... (3 replies)

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