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... some grew back and some didnt. They only occur singularly. They aren't painful or itchy. None of them look cauliflower. I have looked through countless images of genital warts online but nothing seems to resemble my particular case. The only thing that really looks like it online is molluscum. ... (1 replies)
... opinions is pretty safe. What it sounds like to me is molluscum. I have HPV and warts do not look like what you are explaining. ... (3 replies)
... Ok this has been a pretty lengthy experience, beginning last february. I noted two small flesh like bumps on the head of my penis in february of 2005, and didnt think much of it, because i was still a virgin, oral sex from one girl who i have known since 6th grade, very little/no risk there. Waited a few weeks and they had not changed, so i made an appointment to see my... (3 replies)

Genital warts
Jun 20, 2005
... I just went to the dr today because I suspected that I was date raped. She couldn't tell anything either way, but she did say that I had some genital warts that were from earlier than 36 hours prior. I used to get Molluscum Contagiosum which is something similar, I guess... do most drs know the difference? ... (0 replies)
... But usually the ones that are visible are not the culprit. That is why paps are necessary. It is possible to be infected with more then one strain. Molluscum tends to be more pesky...harder to treat and can show up on other areas other than your genitals. ... (11 replies)
... But aren't genital warts worse than molluscum? ... (11 replies)
... About one or two months ago I found these 3 small bumps near my anus. I started to worry so I researched anal warts and found nothing even remotely close to what mine looked like. ... (11 replies)
HPV to Molluscum
Jan 31, 2013
... a topical cream for genital warts. I applied it maybe twice a week to my affected areas. ... (4 replies)
... You can get HPV or Molluscum on your base or anywhere really on your genitals. The difference between the two is Molluscum has a dimple, and a fluid filled like appearance where as HPV are commonly rough little cauliflower looking bumps with no fluid. ... (1 replies)
... Maybe it is molluscum? Worst thing you can do is pick at it. Molluscum, in particular, can easily be spread this way. Then, too, it might be perfectly normal. With the assumption you have been sexually active, you need to see a doctor. We can't diagnose over the Internet. (1 replies)
... ill nothing. I went and bought a compound W home freezing kit from Walmart, and despite the warnings not to use on genital warts, I told myself "well they aren't genital warts persay, and even so I read all over the net how wonderful this stuff works on GW" Did not read anywhere about people using it on MC though. ... (5 replies)
... Hello, I am having a major problem right now with an STD. I have had 5 random encounters in the last 4 months in China. I have now caught something and I am not too sure what. I went to a sexual health clinic but unfortunately in China you cannot trust the doctors because they lie and tell you that you have things that cannot possibly be true. They also prescribe the... (5 replies)
... Molluscum (correct name molluscum contagiosum) are pinkish-white round lumps, each about 1–5 mm in diameter, which are caused by a virus. (3 replies)
... penile papules, and from what i've read, i do not have that, my symptoms differ from the ones described in what i've read. (3 replies)
... I'm no medical expert by far, but from all these doctors you've been too and them saying nothign to worry about. I wouldn't worry. This does sound similar to something i looked up before though. Penile postules? pestules? something like that. It involved the glands that produce oils i believe being larger on some people than others and appearing as bumps on or around the... (3 replies)
... Get the bumps checked out and properly diagnosed. It sounds like you have something, but it could just be molluscum contagiosum (do a web search on it if you don't know what it is) which eventually goes away on its own. Either way, if your boyfriend loves you as much as you love him, he'll understand. It's important that you find out what you have, though, and also that you... (4 replies)
... It's molluscum. The nurse called me today. I'm not sure if I should be relieved though. It's still a virus. I'm going to get them removed next Tues. The doctor said they use this chemical to burn them off (I think) and that they will blister and may be painful. I really don't care as long as they go away! Has anyone else encountered this virus? How did you take care of it?... (11 replies)
... it's like that everywhere, but this is a pretty small town, everyone knows everyone and I know it would get out. And I would be obligated to tell him if it was warts right? ... (11 replies)
... sounds like molluscum contagious see a dermatologist for confirmation. doesnt sound like warts.... good luck prolly nothing big (10 replies)
To musicgirl00
Sep 4, 2004
... i was recently diagnosed with molluscum myself, but i haven't been able to get a biopsy yet to confirm it. ... (2 replies)

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