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... up one morning and i felt painful urination 2 times early in the morning one day when i urinated then it went away that same day. about a week later i noticed a single bump that looked like a pimple that had a white head. i squeezed it and white stringy puss like a pimple came out... ... (4 replies)
Genital Herpes
Apr 20, 2015
... Today I noticed a small bump on the underside of my penis close to the tip. It didn't give any warning signs like a cold sore like itching etc. ... (2 replies)
May 31, 2012
... I want to help single it out to something... does chlamydia cause bumps around the butt cheeks? ... (2 replies)

Oct 29, 2007
... I have one single bump, not very small but not overwhelming either. Its on the front part of the right lip of my vagina. It feels like an ingrown hair or a pimple. ... (3 replies)
... Lately, a few times after having sex I get this swollen red bump that appears a few days after sexual intercourse. It is in the same exact spot everytime. ... (2 replies)
... look for pictures on the internet, they are probbaly graphic but should do the trick........anyways...herpes starts out not as a bump but as a scaly blistery type sore....a single bump could indicate HPV, probably not though if its a tiny little bump.. ... (1 replies)
... Hey. I have the same thing on my shaft and if you stretch the skin it almost disappears and seems smooth to the touch so i'm pretty damn sure its not hpv or herpes..especially a wart because i've had warts on my hands before and stretching the skin does not make it disappear. Mine is also not cauliflower shapped at all. I did some reading up and what it might be is, and my... (7 replies)
... well its farther up the shaft where hairs are not present. I'm wondering should i go to a Dermatologist or a Urologist? i don't have health insurance, so thats why i havent gone yet. (7 replies)
... Not sure. I agree, it doesn't sound at all like herpes or HPV. It might be molluscum, but they don't really produce pus. An infected hair shaft is reasonable, but that should go away after a while. ... (7 replies)
... i didnt even know that was possible. It's not cauli flowered shaped, and i dont "THINK" its herpes, so i was just wondering what it might be. Im not scared or frightened, just curious to what it could be. (7 replies)
... The red bump was a bit tender to touch, and so I finished my shower at the time and tried to ignore it. ... (1 replies)
... Do you shave down there? Because there is discharge coming from the lesion, it sounds like it may an infected hair follicle from when you shave your pubic hair Herpes usually comes in clusters, not just one single lesion (5 replies)
... Immediately I freaked out and pushed her off of me and said she should not have done that. I had no reason to believe she had herpes but that was my concern right away. ... (5 replies)
... with my girlfriend for the first time and again the next night. She has genital herpes so we used condoms both times. The only symptom I have had until now was an itchy anus.. ... (0 replies)
... yeah it didn't hurt...just woke up one day and there was a whitehead that already came to a top and it didn't hurt or itch just really sensitive if i messed with it or squeezed it... i've had friends tell me the same who have friends that have stuff and they say if you had it you would definetly know and it doesn;t sound like it. i've just been so stressed out about it... nice... (4 replies)
... no this happened about 2 and a half months ago... it stung when i woke up one morning but only lasted like 2 times that morning and i've had that happen in youger age from certain food, vitamins or mastubation when i pee'd and that was about a week or so apart from the possible pimple. (4 replies)
... sounds about like what i was going through...does it still hurt/burn when you pee? (4 replies)
... Hello, It sounds like a blocked pore. Especially if you shave down there. We get pimples everywhere and its scarry when they are on the private partsw.I wouldn't worry about it too much. If it doesn't hurt then that's a good sign. good luck. (4 replies)
... well about 5 days ago i noticed a single red bump down wasnt a was just an elevated red bump...and i admit i did try to pop it to see if it was a pimple..nothing came out cept blood... ... (2 replies)
... le that it's just an ingrown looks like a red bump, sometimes it's a little sensitive, and if you look closely you can often see the hair. as for what herpes and genital warts look like, it might help to do a google search for pics of the two, but the pictures are often worst case senerio pictures. ... (7 replies)

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