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... Im clean, always wear protection, and always ask and make sure if the girl is clean and last time they got checked, blah blah. Anyways, I havent had sex in like a year maybe? ... (1 replies)
... Well about two days I had unprotected sex with a girl I have had sex with before in the past. In the morning I woke up and noticed that I had red bumps in my pubic region and below my navel. They are about the size of a mosquito bites and close together with a few that stray off. ... (1 replies)
... It's small to large red bumps that are infected hair follicules. I had it, was convinced that I had herpes... ... (5 replies)

... I was reading about STD's and was wondering if this could be syphilis. Or does the chancre have to be on the penis because mine is above my penis in the pubic area. Also I have multiple bumps but it also said it's possible to have more than one chancre. ... (1 replies)
... I have a few tiny red bumps on the surface of my skin. I have never noticed before due to the hair being there, but have recently trimmed and have now noticed them. ... (1 replies)
... o me. Check it out, its not a serious condition and it goes away. Its an STD that not many know about but many people have. It is contagious and you can catch it in many ways. IF this is what it is, try not to shave and always wash the area with ANTIBACTERIAL soap. ... (5 replies)
... the reason i assume the dr was wrong is the spots i have are not oosy like herpes and they are not even like blisters just little bumps almost like a razor burn with no bloody scab. i thought that herpes was well i just saw pics online and i dont think that's what mine look like. ... (5 replies)
... i went to the dr to get an hiv test and a pap when i got there the dr looked at what i thought was herpes and she said well yeah you prolly got herpes, i had allready got some info off the internet and assumed she was wrong. i requested some antiviral meds witch i took every 5 hrs for 5 days. didnt help. so i went back with a larger rash of bumps like 10-15 of them, she didnt... (5 replies)
... you may have an allergy to condoms. (1 replies)
... Another thing it could be is ingrown hairs. They can cause red bumps to show up in the pubic are. Sometimes they can be popped like a pimple and you'll see the hair inside the bump. ... (3 replies)
... thankx guys ill check into all of it but i am very worried you have made me feel a little better anyway. thanks again (5 replies)
... Why do you assume the doctor was wrong when she told you you had herpes? (5 replies)
Small Red Bumps
Mar 17, 2004
... Three weeks ago I noticed 8 very small red bumps in my pubic hair area. They are so small that even when i brush my finger over them if i didnt know they were there i would not feel them. ... (2 replies)
... in the past after intercourse i would notice faint red dots spread about underneath my pubic hair, right above me penis. they eventually went away but i'm not sure if this is something serious. ... (2 replies)
Three bumps
Jan 21, 2010
... yeah hi i have these three bumps two on my thigh and one under my scrotum u know between the line of my butt and balls the bump on my right inner thigh itches the one on my left inner thigh doesnt the one in between doesnt itch that bad i have shaved my whole entire pubic area before too the bump on right inner thigh area is red cause it been itching so bad i mean its a dot... (1 replies)
... A couple weeks ago I discovered a few red bumps in my pubic region. ... (3 replies)
Oct 12, 2004
... If so, it's most likely folliculitis. That's inflamed hair follicles that result in pimples... usually caused by irritation, sweating, etc. ... (4 replies)
Oct 4, 2004
... Are there any stds that cause tiny red bumps in the pubic hair area? ... (4 replies)
... hey have not gone away. They have not spread either though, which is good, and they are not itchy or painful. I have had itching on my inner thigh, and a small red rash there, but usual only when I sweat or shave the pubic area. Some have suggested it may be jock itch. ... (2 replies)
... hey man, if you havent been sexually active yet with anyone it definitly isnt an STD, you cant get an STD on your own ! dont worry about things like,ive had things like this before and still often do.. chill out and enjoy the weekend ;) (2 replies)

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