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Sore in mouth
Jun 19, 2007
... like sore in my mouth. it's on the side of my mouth just near my top right rear molar. it's very weird, sort of like a growth of the gum. ... (1 replies)
... the line of skin below the tongue, this is the only one to cause any pain and then only when i moved my tongue and stretched that. almost just like a small cold sore in my mouth, but the day after that the ones on my tongue were gone and the one below it had shrunk a good bit. could this be an STD sign or is just a cold sore? ... (4 replies)
2 questions
Feb 7, 2005
... months then you should be okay. Maybe get tested once more in 6 months but they have it to where it can show up as early as 3 months so you should be okay there. ... (3 replies)

... NO! the mouth is mucous membrane and some times infections of any kind(usually bacteria) can cause some inflammation of the mucous membranes. PS- if you had HPV in your mouth, it would spread like wild fire (i think) so 3 dots aint HPV! please carefully review the posting rules - no emails ] (7 replies)
Warts in mouth????
Jan 26, 2005
... These little white spots could be anything, it might be something as simple as the start of a cold sore or something. You should try and see a doctor to have it diagnosed properly. ... (7 replies)
Warts in mouth????
Jan 26, 2005
... Ok I noticed like a little sore spot on my upper lip about 2 days ago, and today it looks like three tiny white bumps... I have genital warts and I think I may have transfered them to my mouth. Is this possible? ... (7 replies)
Syphilis (sp?)
Jan 19, 2005
... I have a tiny sore in my mouth, it's painless, i just noticed it today. ... (5 replies)
... hi all.... i went out the weekend and met a guy, we done oral sex no intercourse as i didnt want to as we didnt have any condoms... anyways i got thrush in my mouth... tiny white spots looks like cream, my toung is burning and i got a sore throut, and an awfull taste in my mouth... any suggestions? ... (1 replies)
Please help
Sep 7, 2016
... Is there anyway I couldíve contracted an STD or STI from this experience (long, detailed story, been extremely paranoid and stressed and I need some opinions to calm me down) August 15th, felt fatigued, loss of appetite, feverish when I was with girl, we madeout and I fingered her August 16th, had diarrhea when I woke up August 19th, hung out again, madeout and fingered... (4 replies)
Std question
Aug 29, 2014
... or something . So a week later I woke up with a sore throat and white stuff on my tonsils. I freaked out cause I was like omg I have an std because of this. So I went to the doctor and he ruled it out as phelmgitious . ... (1 replies)
... an! I decided to sleep wth new 27 yr old girfriend. 4 days later i became very ill, high fever achy body, very swollen throat, needless to say i developed a cold sore and then a second cold sore on my lip. ... (0 replies)
... Well I get cold sores and fever blisters a lot. I break out on, in and around my mouth. And lately I've also started to break out in red or white bumps bumps in my vaginal area. I know it isn't razor rash, I can tell the difference. And on occasion around the time I break out, I do have a sort of discharge. ... (5 replies)
... Last week, I got kind of drunk in a bar and ended up bringing a girl back to my hotel. I kissed her, fingered her and she gave me protected fellatio. ... (1 replies)
Do I have herpes?
Jun 25, 2008
... You see, I don't know if I've had cold soar on my lips... the only thing I can remember is, when it was winter and cold I had some sortof like white lines/cuts on both sides where bottom and upper lips meet... and it was a bit painful but I'm assuming it's because of a cold? - I don't know what herpes or cold soar would look like... but when I googled for some images of both,... (7 replies)
... Hey yall...i am 18...i have only been with one guy...last time i had sex was back in april..roughly 9 months was protected.. ... (2 replies)
... I had unprotected sex about 3 years ago and a female kind of ejaculated in my mouth. 3 days later I had white bumps on my tonsils and a severe sore throat. ... (3 replies)
Oral herpes
Oct 11, 2005
... Sorry if this is going to scare you but syphillis can cause a canker sore or ulcer in the mouth...usually painless and white. I would get it checked out just to make sure. The symptoms ted to go away even if the STD is still present in your body. ... (3 replies)
What is this?!
May 1, 2005
... I did go and see another doctor, and she claimed the sore was just from some virus that was going around, prescribed me something to put on it, and alieve. ... (5 replies)
... balanitis caused by inflamed prostate or bacteria in urethera. Ever get tiny abbrasions at the opening of penis? ... (16 replies)
... yellowish dots in it producing a very foul smell for a year now. I once received a amoxicillin antibiotic of 5 days for a infection of my jaw. ... (16 replies)

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