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T4 1.19 tsh 11.73
Dec 10, 2017
... Results back in Sept when I was taking Levothyroxine were T4 free 1.90 TSH .349 Not having any symptoms. I was taking a Z pack when I just got tested would that effect the numbers? thanks for your help (3 replies)
T4 1.19 tsh 11.73
Dec 13, 2017
... Your high TSH and the fact that it is so different from before suggests you need a dose adjustment. ... (3 replies)
... As near as I can tell my T4 is normal but the TSH at 11.73 is high, is that correct? ... (3 replies)

... Why were you switched from generic to brand name T4? Are you still having symptoms? If so, you probably need a dose increase... assuming these results were drawn at least 4-6 weeks after the switch. (3 replies)
... Why are there such big changes in the numbers for TSH 3? ... (1 replies)
... Standard Range TSH, 3RD GENERATION 0.40-4.00 uIU/ML 12/17/13 0.20 12/9/14 0.07 4/24/15 0.29 6/23/15 4.30 10/30/15 0.87 12/18/15 1.30 4/22/16 1.68 (0 replies)
... Hello all, I have a bit of a problem and need a sanity check. In early 2000ís I was diagnosed with Graves disease. I had all the normal symptoms except the bulging eyes, but had one other symptom that was considered to be rare. When my sugar levels went high my potassium levels would drop like a stone and cause temporary paralysis. For several years now I have been... (0 replies)
... I am trying to decipher my 20 year old daughter's labs as she is exhausted and has gained 60 pounds in a year and 1/2. My daughter got serious mono second semester of freshman year and had to return from college. Her Pediatrician said that the mono virus was affecting her thyroid at that time (January of 2011). The Thyroid portion of her labs said this: FT4 (.93-1.60) 1.20... (6 replies)
... I've been feeling super fatigued, no matter how much sleep I get, unmotivated and just overall down this entire year. Things that I've done in the past are just wearing me out faster than usual. I had a blood test done last December but everything was considered normal (see results below). However, I'm kind of tempted to go back to my doctor because I'm still not feeling... (4 replies)
... petite body size, and I was always energized so this has been a HUGE change in my life. I gained 19 pounds in 1 month while working out and eating very small portions due to my awareness of this quick weight gain. ... (2 replies)
... My TSH was 2. ... (4 replies)
... Can a TSH of 2.14 make you feel fatigued? ... (5 replies)
... I am going through a similar situation. I was dx with graves in 2004 and had terrible symptoms, the most terrifying, chest pain, and heart palpitations. I was on high levels of methimazole and inderal until I finally stabilized. I haven't been on meds since 2011 but now all my symptoms areback full force. I even went to an urgent care recently because I thought I was having a... (9 replies)
... She told me to relax, take selenium and retest TSH in 1 month. ... (0 replies)
... I had my blood test done two days ago and just got the results. They are TSH 1. ... (3 replies)
TSH Labs
Jun 26, 2012
... Bee--- In 3/2011 TSH = 3.19-- and I didn't have a FT4 done then, not sure why. In 1/2012, TSH = 2.96, FT4 = 0.74 4/2012, TSH = 0.55, FT4 = 0.89 If a TSH > 2-3 range = hy When you say FT ideally is 50 percentile, does that mean of the lab's reference range? If so, then mine seem pretty close (0.51-1.21, 50%=0.87), at least the 4/2012 one. (20 replies)
... t3 free was 3.4, t4 free was 1.4 and tsh was .16. ... (11 replies)
... Any ideas on why TSH and T4 would be elevated? ... (1 replies)
... Since then though my TSH and T4 have been all over the place! ... (8 replies)
... I began treatment when my T4 was still in the "normal" range, but my TSH was 15. My doctor said to me that "normal" was a matter of perspective and different for everybody. ... (8 replies)

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