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Med question
Jan 19, 2016
... I've been having some problems with my TSH flucuating alot, one month its 1.40 range 0. ... (1 replies)
... abs back and I thought I was over medicated. Really not sure was going on. Starting in May 2015 my levels have not been stable, May was on .88 levothyroxine TSH was 1.39 range 0. ... (0 replies)
... t sent me over the edge and still trying to figure it out. Then in July started having syptoms of thyroid meds being off so got tested and they where off again, Tsh was 3. ... (0 replies)

... I was put on unithroid about a month ago, i was having problems with levoxyl i had been on for about 3 months, my level was good the first 8 weeks on levoxyl the TSH 1.4 range 0. ... (0 replies)
... Hello there! for the last year I have been suffering certain symptoms without any explained reason. It all internally started about a year ago when i was quitting cigarettes and ive got strep throat. Got antibiotics and was checking the progress daily just to find out that i am indeed getting to feel better however my throat looked the same. every other doctor i went to since... (3 replies)
... I woke up this morning took my levoxyl and within 45 mins I was in total panic again. So I called the endo and he got me in. ... (1 replies)
... I've been feeling terrible, so I went to the gp doctor to have a check up. She did some tests, tsh tests and others. My Tsh has increased again and t3 has dropped again, even though my endo thinks I'm getting better. Antibodies came back negative, but TBG was elevated. ... (2 replies)
... Before starting Synthroid, my TSH was . ... (9 replies)
... I am trying to decipher my 20 year old daughter's labs as she is exhausted and has gained 60 pounds in a year and 1/2. My daughter got serious mono second semester of freshman year and had to return from college. Her Pediatrician said that the mono virus was affecting her thyroid at that time (January of 2011). The Thyroid portion of her labs said this: FT4 (.93-1.60) 1.20... (6 replies)
... Just wanted to update you regarding my daughter's thyroid issue... She started on 25 mcg of Levothyroxine shortly after my last post. Within a couple of weeks, she had a bit more energy and was able to go back to school. At her next endo appointment, we told the doctor this, and he said it could be a placebo effect...still suggesting that her thyroid is not the problem. ... (24 replies)
... I don't think the blocking antibody theory is coming into play for you because blocking antibodies suppress TSH. Suppressed TSH means below-range or undetectable....and that is not the case for you. You could very well have a combo of Hashi's and Graves' - people have this...and it's tough 'cuz you can vacillate with symptoms and labs. I really hope you get some... (18 replies)
... oh-- I forgot to mention my FT3 is low-2.8 and my last FT4 was higher than it has ever been for me at 1.45 (normally it hovers around 1.0). TSH at 1.5. Still not completely sure that I fully understand how that all fits with my TSI of 100 other than that blocking antibody theory or maybe as Midwest suggests a combo of Hashi's and Graves. (18 replies)
... I think you should find another doctor - one that recognizes obvious hypo symptoms with low-in-the-range thyroid hormone levels. My TSH has been below-range for over 3 years since I have Graves' disease. I went into remission in late 2009 but then developed debilitating hypo symptoms early last year and my FT4/FT3 levels were just under mid-range! (thankfully, I had found... (8 replies)
... The doctor is saying pituitary issues are extremely rare and would not consider me to be prone to it! The normal ranges are: FT3 1.68 pg/ml (1.45 - 3.48) FT4 0.80 ng/dl (0.71 - 1.85) TSH 0.708 mIU/ml (0.17 - 4.64) When I tell him they are close to the minimum, he's saying but I can't diagnose you with Hypothyroid because we cannot ignore the normal... (8 replies)
... I wish I had some answers for you. I have the exact same symptoms as you and very similar labs. I am still searching for answers myself. My last TSH was 1.5, my ft4 was 1.45...higher then it has ever been for me, and my tpo Ab was 8. ... (18 replies)
... Any ideas on why TSH and T4 would be elevated? ... (1 replies)
... m being VERY consistent about taking meds and will do the blood work same every time and see what comes up next. Dr only gave me papers to get the TSH checked every three months, but NOT the freeT4. ... (18 replies)
... Hey Scout.....nice to see you visiting here. Yes, you can have a normal TSH and low FT4 and FT3 levels. You can also have antibodies with a normal TSH. ... (2 replies)
... Thanks Dream 77, thnaks famnd !!! I did get my ultrasound done which says- calculi are seen in infrior calyces right kidney 6 n 9 mm in size. Another calculus is seen in upper calyx of left kidney - 4mm impression: bilatral renal calyceal calculi non obstructive. THYROID PROFILE FRE LAB RESULT : T3, free - 3.57 pg/mL ( 2.30 - 4.20) T4, fre- 1.47 ng/ dL ( 0.89 -... (6 replies)
... Optimal TSH is around 1. Normal TSH range is supposed to be 0. ... (3 replies)

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