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Hi everyone! I am new here, so I hope I am doing this right. I am hoping for some different opinions on my current thyroid situation. In 2012 I was diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism and put on 50mcg synthroid. My tsh was 9.9. I went to the doctor because it felt like my thyroid was swollen, and sure enough I was hypo at the time. I had a cat scan in April of 2012 and have always been suspicious of the iodine maybe causing my thyroid issues, or revealing them as well as quitting smoking in March of that year.
Fast forward to August 2016 I had another cat scan due to an ovarian cyst rupture and they wanted to rule out appendicitis. Two weeks later I began to have hot flashes and tingling in the hands and feet as well as a terrible headache. I thought I was going hyperthyroid. My pcp disagreed, didn't test my thyroid and tried me on Armour thyroid which put me through the roof with anxiety and panic attacks and hyper symptoms. I went off my synthroid and all meds and have been off of them since October 5 2016. My pcp said I probably never had a thyroid problem to begin with( He has now been fired). I now feel wretched, I am very dizzy, weak, fatigued, trouble breathing, inflamed thyroid, body aches, vision problems, low mood etc. I have had to lay down after eating and have been bedridden for a few weeks now. However my tsh is just now 3.41, ft4 is 1.24, and ft3 is 3.00. All normal range. My endocrinologist says to go back on synthroid. I took 50mcg yesterday and woke up with a headache, so I took 25mcg this morning. My worry is the normal thyroid levels and having anxiety after taking synthroid and drinking coffee this morning. I felt anxious until about 1:30pm. I felt pretty weird, but I did notice my body aches are better and I'm more alert, but still fatigued. I was al so able to process meals much better. Some of this could be mental as I've been through the ringer these last four months and am scared to death of going hyperthyroid again. Has anyone gone on synthroid with normal thyroid levels and been fine?

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