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Does anyone else have a redness in their skin over the thyroid area in neck? Does anyone know what causes this in thyroid disease. They are almost certain I have Hashis' now. This diagnosis is taking forever! I hope everyone is well. :o

I think it is just me being Bonnie (but it is a red raised V) I sometimes imagine myself as tall long necked (not a goose) hahah very very SVELT and a graceful neck like Audrey Hepburn hahah but not with this red V on my neck, where it should be delicate and dainty looking. But of course I am very short, and heavy with a raised V for victory on my neck.

Today it is sort of rashy meaning I can differentiate different spots which on a whole make up for the redness.

and another major strange thing about me....all my life, in the centre of the V (I am guessing that is where the pesky thyroid rests) I have had what my Mom and Dad called my little 'doo-jigger' a small invisible bump which comes up every so often, maybe 2X monthly and one single gelationous drop of stuff comes out. I never know it is there, till I wipe my neck or touch my neck, or what ever, and there it be on my finger. I always SWORE it was something hormonal (soon as I learned that word) but since I am NEVER able to get a full sample, and I just tell the doctor they pat me on the head even more.

Got as far as once (when I worked in Payroll of a large hospital) A friend of mine, who was head of the microbiology lab, had me scoop a non sterile sample, and he was only able to tell that it was not bacertial. As of course I did not know it was there, till it appeared, and by then it was on my finger, and then onto the swab.

THYROID I tell you.... I am losing goodies from it, all my life.... TIS TRUTH!!!!!
I tell you no lies :angel:
well lil'miss

when you find out what this raised redness and in Midwest itching (same with me) but not always we will solve a mystery. I am really interested.

Any pictures I have seen of goitre or puffy throats, look like baseballs in the neck sticking out (when you see those places where goitres are prevelant I mean.... mine is 'ahem genteel like' sometimes I wish it were huge and sticking out, then people would not look at me with raised eyebrows. See it comes down to wishing we showed more of this disease outwardly....

I have been really blessed with my two kids. Gee my DD is now turning 25 and DS is turning 29 eeeeeeeeeek! both have excelled academically throughout there lives. DD is in Television broadcasting (technical ends) and DS is with security system travels the world over to some unhealthy places, but mainly to the USA (which is not one of the unhealthy places) ..... . (booming business unfort)

yes I have or had a goitre. It was diagnosed when I had routine x-rays for neck arthritis and back stuff a request made by my chiropractor, so my family doctor sent me for the x-rays. The radiologist doctor reported a enlarged thyroid and a deviated trachea to the right. So family doctor sent me for ultra sound, that found a small nodule, which is now being checked on every six months to make sure it is not growing.

I was suppose to have the 6 month ultra sound back last month, but other things cropped up and now DD asked me to wait to book it so she could come with me, as she did before... (watch and listen is her motto) she is headed for her first vacation flying to our west coast to visit her friend who moved last year. so I will book the ultra sound for when she is back, and before (or after) DH and my vacation.

Re: itchy feets on hubbies....hahhah I used to stump him by asking how on earth he can shower, or have a bath, or worse go fishing when he is standing in the shallows of the water....he remarks.... Bonnie dear, I fish with my hands on a rod, not hands in the water. Water on feet do not make hands itchy.....

I tell you it is PLOT or was a plot when I and he were young and not worldly on the wiles of 'coupledom' haha I let him think I believed him and love telling the tale, which he also embellishes. Had our daughter convinced that he practiced on her older brother so that he would never 'break her' hahah.

oh yes long ago in fact. In 1996 I began to question my weight gains and horrible fatigue and such lethargy it was a crime. I was sent to a endocrinologist who despite the low readings on the blood levels figured something was not right, what with my symptoms and stuff. I had several weird tests... first was blood of course, next came some sort of injection then a scan....something happened, and they were unable to perform a trace, and that sort of freaked me out, thinking I had some weird little gizmo swimming around my veins. So the next test was I was taken to a black little room, and given a wee drink of iodine (I suppose) then a nother type of scan. It showed my thyroid as a black butterfly, but again that was not too bad I guess, but the symptoms.

Finally I was given the choice of nothing, or a last ditch thing to see if hormones were running amuck. Our medical insurance did not play for the injection, but it was a 'cocktail of hormones' I had to have blood labs drawn, then the injection then more blood tests a few hours later. What hormones had disappeared and those that were still present was the deciding factor of hypothyroidism. I was put on the equiviant of 100mg of synthroid (in this country it was Eltroxin) that lasted a several weeks, and the headache I developed caused them to drop the dose to 50mg of eltroxin, whereas I stayed until 2004. Never really feeling right, still tired, but not as bad as I had been back in 1996.

Recently though (since these boards) I requested more tests (blood) along with the Free t3 and free T4 (each year I get the TSH and T4 stuff done) it showed just a slight problem, but upon my request, I was put up to 75mg of meds. Eltroxin doesnt come in that strength, so the script was changed to synthroid. I have a tad more energy, can complete my day without collapsing with exhaustion and generally ok but still symptomatic most of the time but to a lesser degree.

The enlarged thyroid was a good thing, as I thought I was batty with the flood going down, like I described (a snake munching on a mouse WWWW) only with PAIN as it progressed down to my stomach. It prob does come and go maybe, but I dunnno bout the trachea. When I perform the hold the head back, and neck extended and swallow water, I see it not as a straight line, but it doesnt interfer. When ever I get around to the second ultrasound scan, I will know if the nodule has changed. (hOPE NOT)

Sorry for going on such a long post..... tis complicated this TD stuff isnt it!
I do not have depression, nor stress, nor other things that folks exhibit, but I have this weight gain, hair loss, skin, achy stuff but all liveable for most part. Just I get fed up with not being 100% like everyone else here feels most of the time. We are sort of put upon by family and friends. I have 3 reasonably close had her thyroid removed, one has Hashimoto and has much great care (every six months) takes two kinds of meds alternetly, and is forever cheery and def not like most of us....who says "no problem" and another lady who is sluggish very uptight, and tends to freak out at stupid things...(gossip and such) then me. A cat next door also had thyroid disease, and I live close to a nuclear plant hahaha yep.


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