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I know that in the initial exam they can't tell much but I'm still very stressed out.
I have been complaining about the feeling of a lump in my throat and tightness for about 3 weeks that comes and goes. If I ignor it it stops bothering me (No trouble eating, drinking or breathing...actually eating helped.) It showed up after an infection in my tooth. I also have a large thyroid nodule in my neck in about the same spot that has been there for 15 years but never really causes issues. (It's been tested over and over with the same results.....large benign nodule)
The nodule IS growing or at least has grown a tiny bit over the years.
Well, the feeling of a lump just dissapeared over night and has been gone for 2 days.
The doctor after a physical exam told me she believes it is a combo of my thyroid being enlarged and acid reflux with post nasal drip. She gave me Prevacid and Dytan and ordered a sonogram (or ultrasound....I don't know the difference) on my nodule.
Today after I left my throat became very sore and scratchy with the feeling of the lump coming back a little bit but a little lower then before. She didn't DO anything to it, just look inside. Right now I feel fine, the lump and soreness are gone....I feel a little like I'm coming down with a cold maybe.
Here are my questions and concerns
1.she did not order an endoscopy like I expected she would
2.Does her assesment sound right?
3. If I had something REALLY scary would the symptoms come and go?
4. If my nodule has grown can it cause sypmtoms like mine?
I REALLY need some answers....I'm very scared.

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