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I had a blood test in Oct and a few things were high. Triglycerides 164,Cholesterol total 227, HDL 59, LDL 135. Bun/creatinine 27, I have no idea what that is. MCH 33.3, I don't know what that means either, T-3 uptake 40. Everything else wasin the normal range. How concerned should I be?

T3 Uptake is just an indicator of the rate you are converting T4 to T3. 40 was high.. by a little. This is just an indication of over conversions of T4 to T3.. this can be caused naturally or by being too low in both T4 and T3 and your body converting more T4 to T3 to compensate a bit. Then there are hyper trends that can cause the same as well. What were these if they took them.. Normal doesn't always mean normal for you and often it isn't optimal for you. T3 Uptake alone tells you just how well you convert T4 to T3. You need FT3 and Ft4 and RT3 to get the full thyroid picture. TSH can be helpful as well. Did they only run the T3 Uptake? Or did they run your TSH, FT3 and Ft4 as well? The high choleserol, tryglycerides can be side effects of poor thyroid function.

[I]Bun/creatinine 27 = Both the BUN and creatinine are kidney function tests. A high protein diet causes increased urea production and is the most common of a high bun or an increased bun/creat. ratio. Dehydration is a cause of a high bun/creat ratio for reasons to complicated to discuss here. Lastly, blood in the intestines ( the ultimate high protein diet) makes the bun rise disproportionate to the creatinine. This can be caused by dysfuntional thyroid as well as it begins to affect your body chemistry and organ function.

MCH 33.3 = mean corpuscular haemoglobin level
The MCH may be low in types of anaemia where the red blood cells are abnormally small, or high in other types of anaemia where the red blood cells are enlarged (for example, as a result of folic acid or vitamin B12 deficiency). The MCHC is low in iron deficiency, blood loss, pregnancy and anaemias caused by chronic disease. The normal MCH range for adults is 27-32 pg, and the normal MCHC range is 315-345 g/L. You are not that far above range and high.. so anaemie does not appear to be an issue.

Hope this helps.

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