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Reece is a good one that hopefully will pop in.

Advice from my mom who had a PT and two aunts after TTs. They ddin't get technical.. not their style.. they just shared general feelings and trends.

The drainage tube makes you feel like you have continual sweat dripping down your busom crevice.. do not look DOWN or up or make any sharp turns of the head.. Dab with clean tissue, toss the tissue and never reuse. Have someone ready to fetch and carry for you and prepare to walk and move about like you have a plank affixed from bottom to the back of your neck. :D You gotta love them.

If all goes well you will be able to eat normally and talk, as soon as you awake. Your voice may or may not get tired easily.

Make sure that you have a good recliner to sleep in.. because you do not want to lie flat for a few days.. it makes you feel like you are ripping at the throat.. you aren't it is just an odd feeling they all had.

Be prepared for lymph node swelling and irritation for at least 2 weeks. After 2 weeks you are going to feel hypoT hades.. unless you had a hot nodes and they left one to see to your needs then you will be ready to dance a jig.

After two weeks when the hypoT symptoms emerge in force... you should see if you can start wit 25 or 50 mcgs of T4 and begin 2 week titration intervals to 100 mcgs. Waiting 4- 8 weeks is just torture. Have the Ca and K and PTH levels checked at 2 weeks.

Over all my mom and aunts shopped around. One used an academic surgeon that specialized in brain and throat surgeries. The others used ENT that had FNA guided US devices in house and spent two days with thyroid patients a week. One day for consults and visits one for surgeries. Most also had access to and used laser surgery techniques. All of my family were Ca and K issues free. I am hoping to get mine out soon. I will let you know my ENT's take on things. That will be May or June.


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