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Yes, I read a lot about what he does before I chose him. I read a bit on Dr. Norman but didn't really concentrate on it so much since I decided to not go that route. He also gives you a folder of things to read. He came highly recommended by other doctors and seems up to date on everything. I really very nervous as well. He put a probe down me at the office to look at my vocal chords and the nerve. Did that again as well after the surgery while I was still in recovery. (Or his assistant surgeon did it while I was in recovery actually.) Girl, I was teared up when they wanted to do the probe the first time. They shoot a numbing medicine down your nose to deaden everything and then they leave the room and come back later. lol I was all upset and scared. He is very personable which means a lot to me. They do give you, "I don't care," meds in your line right before they wheel you down to the OR. You are awake only a few minutes in the OR as they are preparing to get you ready. Next thing you know, you are out until they wake you up in recovery. I had some problems with my blood pressure. It dropped down to 89/41 and was only 98/54 when I was released. My BP is usually 110/70. I did need pain meds right after and also meds for neausa from the anethesia. It wasn't real bad though.

Had my appointment with Dr. Sanson today. I've always really liked her. My aunt went to her once but said she was snide kinda with her so she never went back and she chose another doctor. Only the last few visits have I seen a peak of that. After this visit this morning, however, I have decided to find another doctor. She appears to be resentful way I can describe it...that I chose not to have my Thyroid out...maybe put off a bit is a better way of describing it. When I asked her a question, she responded with, "I don't know. I don't know anything. I know less and less these days. When you can go on the internet and read that one in ten million people had a bad experience with it, I just know less and less." I was dumbfounded. I just looked at her. She is ugly in a nice kind of way. Do you know what I mean? That was completely uncalled for. I never once have had the notion that she has no clue what she is doing but perhaps that is how she views this. I am just not sure. She really seems to have no answers. I told her about the tingling I have had and she basically told me that when people read medical forums and read things on the internet, they seem to think they are experiencing those things. I advised her that I indeed was experiencing the tingling and it was not in my head. She said that she would do blood work and check my calcium then and went on about how if the numbers were ok then we would know what was going on. She completely lost my respect today. I am not an idiot and I am NOT imagining that I am having tingling. This is absurd. Then she mentioned it may be hungry bone syndrome since my bones have been robbed of calcium for so long. Anyway girl, I am finding another doctor. I will not go back once I have found someone I like. I will just have her send my records to them. There is no call for this sort of treatment. Although I will say this. She is nice the whole while that she is condensending. UGH! First it was that she didn't want me to have the surgery out of town....she thought I should stay in town and have the standard surgery and now she is upset that I didn't get my Thyroid out. OH! And she also said that she has no idea how often nodules that are not cancerous turn to cancer. She has no clue. Didn't tell me if was basically rare for that to happen or whatever, just she has no clue. She said that just because I had a negative biopsy didn't mean I didn't have cancer. She said it just meant that the very spot that they stuck the needle that day, didn't show any cancer cells. It didnt mean that another spot a tad bit over didn't have cancer cells. ???? So, I will find another doctor, I will ask a ton of questions, I will get a feel for what I need to do and if need be...I will fly back to Dr. Terris and have him take my Thyroid out too. GEEZE!! I should have just taken it out. But I was scared.

Ok, well, write me and let me know what you think. I'll talk to you soon.

[QUOTE=whozqueen;3809277]The light anesthesia seemed just the same to me as general anesthesia, I guess from a patient's point of view. There was an IV, she gave me something to relax, I'm sure, cause I noticed how unnervous I was as they wheeled me to the OR, and then I looked up and saw the big lights and I saw the gas mask coming down on my nose and mouth and I think I said something like, "Is this the good stuff?" and then they were calling my name, waking me up. I had general anesthesia when I had jaw surgery, along time ago, and I was so nervous in pre-op I was crying, and the anesthetist said she was going to give me a "little margarita" and she pushed something into my line, and I felt much better! Well, I think I felt like I had a mild sore throat for a while, on the inside, and on the outside it felt a little tender. When I was emailing with Dr Terris, he cc'd to the surgery scheduler, that I was to have an "endoscopic reoperative parathyroidectomy with laryngeal nerve monitoring and IOPTH". He uses an endoscope, rather than the probe. If he used the probe, then they would have shot you full of the stuff you get before the sestamibi, cause thats what the probe picks up. That chemical goes to the parathyroid with the adenoma and stays there for awhile. IOPTH stands for Inter Operative Parathyroid Monitoring. The nerve monitoring is electrical wires they put near the vocal cords connected to a computer that goes beep beep if they get too close. Did you need pain medication after the surgery? Dr. Norman gave me tylenol. How long were you in pre-op? I asked Dr. Sanson why I had another adenoma and she responded, "Well, somebody has to have it." Very helpful. It is rare, yes. Took me awhile to accept it, seemed sort of unbelieveable. If you feel tingly, take more calcium. I don't know how often it dropped. I went to my gp a couple weeks after the surgery and he did all the appropriate blood tests and said it was fixed. We ate at Ryan's for Thanksgiving. It was so relaxing. I didn't have to cook! I didn't have to clean! When I called Dr. Sanson's office and left a mssg telling them to fax my records to Dr. Terris instead she called me back herself to see what was going on and when I explained it to her she told me she thought that would be allright. Like I needed her permission? Especially since she kind of left it up to me to find a surgeon in the first place. She didn't have any recommedations for the mini-surgery. Good luck on your appointmentwith her![/QUOTE]

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