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Had my partial thyroidectomy on 4/16. Post op followup on 4/22. For those of you following my situation, I ended up having some pretty severe chest pain, heart palps and shortness of breath starting monday after my surgery. Blood work showed not thyroid related. ENT said some shortness of breath could come from continued swelling in the throat from surgery. Also ended up having to see my PCP who did a full cardiac work up- r/o PE, MI, atelectasis and pneumonia. Best educated guess at this point is that I had a really severe reaction to my antibiotic (Avelox) OR I have an onset of surgically induce panic disorder. EITHER WAY......not a pleasant experience.

So, now I have not been on that abx since last Wed. The chest pain has subsided. Still having some palps and get really winded when I do even low taxing tasks.....walk to the mailbox, put away a stack of folded laundry, etc. My question, has anyone else had probs with shortness of breath this late post surgery due to continued swelling in throat?

Since last Friday I have been taking prednisone 20mg daily (to reduce swelling mostly related to my vocal cords/nerves- I had some nerve damage during surgery. Said the nodules were grown around the nerve and he had to "peel" the vocal nerve off the thyroid and then scrape the nerve to remove all remaining tissue). I feel very "full" in my throat, but its above the incision line, and radiates up my to the top of my neck. I don't feel like I am in respiratory distress. Just very uncomfortable, and not sure if this is what might be causing the shortness of breath. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Just trying to figure out if this is normal.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

WV Peach

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