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[QUOTE=revlaura;4282442]What's the stuff I've been reading here and other places about taking thyroid meds with unfluoridated water? Also, the instructions on my medicine said to take 1st thing in the morning and then wait 30 min. to 1 hour before eating. I'm also reading stuff about avoiding calcium. I've been waiting an hour each morning, but I have a latte every day. Is this a significant deturrent to the effectivenss of the drug? If so, why didn't I find that in the instructions anywhere?[/QUOTE]

Not sure on the fluoridated water, someone else will have to chime in on that.

1st thing in the AM is correct. My doc has me take it 30 minutes before breakfast, with no other meds.

Calcium should just be avoided for at least a half hour after taking the med, and it's not natural sources of calcium that are the problem, it's the supplements. They block absorption of the hormone. So long as you wait and take your calcium supplements later in the day, you should be fine.

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