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Ultimately, Synthroid should be taken in the manner that works for [i]you[/i]. There are many, many users who have their morning coffee right after taking their med. It's possible that the absorption is affected, and they might need a slightly higher dose than they would if they took it with water. But it's okay, as long as they get enough med to do the job.

A newer study finds that Synthroid works even better when taken before bed. Again... If that timing is more convenient and works for you, great. I don't know whether the supplements you mention conflict with Synthroid; probably not. And again, if it works for you, that's the way you should do it.

Other suggestions.... Do you need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night? A few people here have mentioned they take their thyroid med at that time. Then they don't have to worry about food interacting. I personally keep the med and a glass of water on the nightstand and take it around 7 a.m., when I first rouse with the a.m. light. I go back to sleep for an hour or two and can eat when I first get up without any problem.

ETA re: weight loss: ~ There are no guarantees here. If you're used exercising and eating well, and only gained weight after your thyroid quit working, it's very likely you'll be able to lose the excess once your thyroid levels are optimized. But, there are many other factors to weight changes besides thyroid disease, so nothing is 100% certain.

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