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Hi, this is my first time posting on this board. I am a 33 year old female who just had a TT on June 7th, so I now I am 4 days post op. I had four nodules on the left side and one very large 4cm nodule on the right. The large lump was found by my gyn in late 2009. I was then sent for an ultrasound where the other four were found. I had all five biopsied and they all came back benign. Me and my Endo decided to take the watch and wait approach. I was fin for a while then started to have headaches, ear pain, and neck pain. My final ultrasound was done early this year and the large nodule had grown a little. I went to see my surgeon and she and I agreed it needed to come out. I scheduled my surgery for three weeks out and all I did for those three weeks is look up stuff online and second guess myself. The day of the surgery went as planned and everything went well. I was in surgery for 2 hours and woke up after 20 or so minutes in recovery. My surgery was at 12:30 in the afternoon and I felts very sleepy the rest of the day and through the night. My throat was very sore the first 24 hours. I was released the next day around 1 pm. My surgeon told me that my parathyroids were fine but that I should take calcium or tums til I saw her at my follow-up. She also said that she sent a frozen section of a large lymph node to pathology but she thought the whole thing looked benign. YAY! I was expecting a pretty big scar and even though my surgeon is known for her small scars, she herself wasn't expecting both sides to be as big as they ended up being. She said that my scar is bigger than she had planned. I am happy with it. I haven't seen it yet but since it can only be as big as the tape covering it, which is 3 inches long, I am happy with that. I was fin the first afternoon at home but when that night came I really started feeling the lump in my throat from the swelling. It made me feel like I was having trouble breathing. This lasted throughout my second day home and even though my breathing is a bit easier I still have have a swollen hard lump in the middle of my throat. I felt a bit better yesterday. I even planted a few plants in the yard and cleaned up some for my 3 year old upcoming birthday. Today I am a bit tired but it is probably to be expected. I came home on .175 of synthroid and have found that I prefer to take it around 4 am when my husband leaves for work then go back to sleep, that way I can eat as soon as I wake up if I want. I hope this has been helpful. Feel free to ask any questions. I was just where you are right now so I know how you feel. :)

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