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I am a 25 year old female and I am a very quiet, shy and introverted person. I hate talking to people about how I am feeling. I've been suffering with the symptoms of what I think is Hypothyroidism since about 2007 and it has only been in the last 6 months or so that I have worked up the nerve to do something about it.

Part of the reason I dislike talking about how I am feeling is due to the fact that two of my sisters have been seriously ill in the past few years - one with meningitis and the other with cancer. Firstly, I suppose I feel that what I'm going through is nothing compared to what they had to face and ,secondly, I don't want to burden my family with more problems. I also don't know if I being paranoid but I feel like my GP nearly rolls his eyes when he sees another one of us walk through his door.

Last September I decided that I would get my blood work done as I had been reading up on my symptoms online and it seemed to me that I could potentially be hypothyroid. My results came back normal with a TSH level of 2.74 and Free T4 of 17. I explained how I was feeling to my doctor but he just informed me that based on all my blood tests there was nothing wrong with me (cholesterol level below normal etc) and sent me on my way.

I have the following long, long list of symptoms:
Extreme tiredness - can sleep for 10 hours and still feel like a zombie but I also have trouble falling asleep
Extreme coldness especially in hands and feet (I have taken to carrying two hot water bottles with me in the car and around the house)
Mood swings
Irritability and total lack of patience (This is actually getting quite bad to the point that my boss asked me if I needed to go and talk to somebody)
Bad memory/forgetfulness
Feeling of being "spaced out" or not fully with it
Being really clumsy - dropping things and walking into things (which has become a running joke at work)
Headaches - sometimes wake up with one
Fine, brittle hair particularly at the front
Really annoying twitch/tic in right eye
Dry, sore and itchy eyes
Swelling/puffiness around eyes
Nausea - to the point that if I'm walking I have to stop or else I'll vomit
Dizziness- especially when I stand up or turn around. I sometimes experience this along with the nausea when I first wake up and have to lie still until it passes.
Sinus infections
Feeling of something in throat - particularly annoying when I'm lying down as it feels like something is pressing on my throat. I find myself making some delightful noises while trying to "clear my throat" throughout the day or just before speaking
Feeling hoarse before speaking and feeling as if I'm speaking in a really low deep tone which is kinda painful
Short bursts of stabbing pain in front of neck/throat
Swollen neck glands - I also experience the pain of swollen neck glands without the swelling (weird?)
Ringing in ears
Itchy inner ears and throat
Pain and weakness in both hands and wrists, especially my right
Extreme pain in shoulder joints - it likes to alternate
Dry skin on face, hands, arms and feet. Eczema on legs and shoulders.
Irregular, painful periods that result in me getting cold sweats, vomiting and fainting or just lying on the bathroom floor too weak and dizzy to move.
Cramps in hands, legs and feet
Lack of appetite in the morning and then ravenous in the evening/nighttime - sometimes the smell of food in the morning is enough to make me physically sick and then in the evening it's the total opposite, i feel sick to my core if I don't eat something
What I think is hypoglycemia - getting the shakes, cold sweats and blood draining from my face and then having to drink or eat something before feeling human again
Gastrointestinal (GI) Problems

I know it's a crazy long list but what I don't understand is that I have been into my doctor at different times with a number of these symptoms and he has sent me off for a battery of tests for individual symptoms (hands, headaches, GI problems etc) but never seems to look at them as a whole.

I'm getting so fed up with it all that the last time I was into see him he asked me if I thought I was depressed. I didn't know what to say because I think I may be a little but I have never been the happiest of people and the fact that I feel barely human is hardly helping.

This past week I have been diagnosed with gallstones and I've been told that will need to have my gallbladder removed in the next few weeks as the pain is becoming almost unbearable.

Since this happened I decided to go back into my GP and get everything sorted at the same time. This time I went to see the female doctor as I feel like I'm talking to the wall with my usual doctor. I decided to write down everything that was bothering me and she decided I might have low levels of cortisol and tried to put me on medication without even doing any tests. I had to talk her into doing them by agreeing to think about taking the medication! She told me this might help with some of the symptoms I am experiencing but didn't seem to bothered about what might be causing the rest. So I'm back in on Friday for the results and I'm afraid if she doesn't find anything out of the ordinary she'll either offer me the cortisol medication or tell me yet again there's nothing wrong.

I know this post seems almost like a novel and I'll be amazed if anyone bothers to get to the end of it. I suppose I feel like this is the only place I can really vent without any judgement or pressure and say what I want freely. I also don't think I've ever written the words "I feel" so much either!

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