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... said no. I am not depressed, just get anxiety. I have thought for the longest time I had poor circulation because my feet are cold, all the time. I also have achy muscles, joints, and bones, I figured Im just getting older. Foggy head feeling sometimes, dry skin, and my hair is thin... ... (5 replies)
... How inside a half hour? I've heard people says weeks but for me I can tell the difference almost immediately. From the other comments here, people are very different. When I'm low some symptoms are: 1. Sleep. Too much. 2. grouchy 3. garbled speech (6 replies)
... I am 42 and for the first time ever in my life back in April I did a complete physical and my cholesterol was 242 <125-200> is the range and as is you can see this is high. Last year between June and December I gained 45-50 and that's a lot and I've never gained weight at such a rapid pace as a matter of fact I've pretty kept my weight under control. I explained to the... (2 replies)

... hair loss, fatigue, heart palpitations, low sex drive, achy muscles and joints, feeling cold, cold hands and feet, seemed to have gained weight in the middle, etc. I've had my testosterone and iron checked and both are normal. ... (21 replies)
... In 2003 after I gave birth to our first baby, they diagnosed me with having hypothyroidism. I was given .75mcg of synthroid and have been on it ever since... We have had two other children since then, however, I have always felt absolutely horrible. Extreme exhaustion, achy muscles, painful joints, floaters in eyes, sensitive skin, heart palpatations, headaches, shortness... (2 replies)
... Hi Jodianne! My levels over the past few years went from 2.10 in 2003 up to 3.65 as of recent (0.3-5.6) and every gp I saw said that they were normal. I went to a new psychiatrist last Friday who saw my FT4 at 0.74 (0.7-1.12) and said I was hypothyroid. One of my biggest problems over the years is chronic urticaria(hives) which is maddening and very uncomfortable) and I... (7 replies)
... I never felt that tired either when i was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My hair was shedding alittle more than usual, but i did have achy muscles and joints. ... (1 replies)
... hyperkim, the T4 meds keep me at a functioning level but I have so many hyper flare-ups I don't feel well very often. I DO still get hypo symptoms (tunnel syndromes in my wrists, elbows and ankles, cold intolerance, hair fall out, very dry skin, hard stools etc...) but I can live with them; before they were unbearable. They have considerably improved my fogginess and lethargy.... (10 replies)
... That's where the improvements stop. My muscles are still achy. My joints are clicking alot. My eyes aren't as bad as before, but still look noticably strained and blurr at times. ... (2 replies)
... I always felt like I was coming down with the flu...................cold, achy, muscles and joints so sore and tired and stiff I could hardly move. The day I had my thyroid out that was all gone............... ... (12 replies)
Thyroid Cream???
Jul 18, 2005
... The optimal T4 dose for my muscles, joints, and tendons seems to be higher than than my heart & brain tolerance for the T4. Meaning, there is one (higher) dose of Synthroid that seems best for my muscle pain, etc., but after a month at that dose, I get real tachy. Brain fog hits me in a U-shaped dose-response curve. Untreated & higher doses of T4 (the one that is good... (6 replies)
Achy and Sore
Aug 3, 2004
... Hello everyone! I've recently been prescribed 30 mg. of Armour. At the time of diagnosis with hypo I was also diagnosed with Lyme's Disease. I am very achy in my joints and muscles and now I am sore to the touch in areas around these joints. Is that thyroid? ... (1 replies)
... You know, this may sound really crazy, but I recently went on that blood type diet and feel a whole lot better. The verdict on my cholesterol is still out, but it is slowly dropping. The upshot is that I feel better, despite my T3 still being too high (we're working with time-release T3 for that) Let us know how you're doing! (2 replies)
... Hello I am a new member and Have a couple of questions. I have read alot of posts that mention armour. I would like to know what is the difference in armour and synthyroid. I have been on synthroid for about a year. I have had several adjustment. I am currently on 125mg. I still feel symptoms, and wondered if synthroid was not the best for me. My other question deals with... (2 replies)
HMO's and referral
Aug 27, 2001
... u mentioned but I am aware of the symptoms. Mine are, alot of fatigue and sleepiness, can't even read anymore without getting sleepy. I have alot of trouble with achy muscles and joints, especially my hands and feet. My nails are thin and weak and I have not plucked my eyebrows for ten years and they are getting thinner. ... (3 replies)
... but as of recent, things have not been easy. Achy joints and muscles too. Also muscle twitching as of very recent. ... (1 replies)
... tion is something that even sleep can't fix. I have gained at least 15 pounds in a year. I am fairly active, 60 years old and eat healthy...weight doesnt budge. Achy joints and muscles "tire" easily. Can anyone shed some light,specifically on the TSH levels. I have read that 1.0 to 1.5 is the best range? ... (0 replies)
Tsh = 0.15
Jul 6, 2014
... Hello, While reevaluating some unrelated conditions, a blood test disclosed my TSH very low at 0.15 (normal = 0.4-4.5). I've suffered mysterious chronic fatigue, lethargy, no energy, and stiff achy joints and muscles for quite some time now (almost a year). My physician symply referred me to an endocrinologist and gave me no indication as to the severity of this... (2 replies)
... No bloodwork yet since the switch, has been on the NP thyroid for 1 week. Since then there has been improvement in the stiff and sore muscles and joints. There is no longer a problem with his hips or his shoulders. His wrists and elbows are improved but still achy. ... (10 replies)
Foot pain
Mar 3, 2012
... Hashimoto's in an of itself doesn't cause symptoms but, the hypothyroidism that occurs as a result of it can definitely cause symptoms. If a patient is properly medicated for hypothyroidism, he/she should not have any thyroid symptoms. Thyroid textbook "The Thyroid and Its Diseases" includes joint and muscle pain in its list of hypothyroidism symptoms which I'll share... (8 replies)

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