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... thanks all of you nix i may well see you on that aneamia board lol and mm the thing is how do they test for that celiac and i do have alot of really bad gas from the liquid iron im on it makes my poo black and when im palying on my palystation with the kids they go bloody mad as the gas off iron meds is truly something else it ... (18 replies)
Starting armour
Aug 5, 2010
... Thanks. Can I also ask what all this stuf about dangers associated with this product if one has bad adrenal gland function. My daughter does appear, even to the doctor, to have low adrenal function, which I believe is common with long-term thyroid function problems. I also believe she has some sort of anomalty with poor liver function as all drugs from pain-killers to... (4 replies)
... Sorry in advance for the length of this.... _________________________________________________________________ Diagnosed with hypothyroidism last August by family planning clinic (result below). Symptoms - sudden 20lb weight gain (from 120lbs to 140lbs), periods abruptly stopped, depression, fatigue, very emotional. AUGUST 2009 TSH: 10.2 (0.27 - 4.2) FT4: 7.2 (10.5 -... (2 replies)

... I meant to ask on my last thread does anyone else have Pernicious Anaemia? The latest is that my doctor is linking the high level readings due to having PA. I am due for a B12 shortly and sometimes not long before being due I have bleeding gums whilst brushing my teeth. Lately they bleed so much and I have a constant terrible almost tinny taste in my mouth. My teeth almost... (0 replies)
... on this if I'm going to need to get a second opinion via a MD. I have mentioned before that I have pernicoius aneamia and I had a total hysterectomy 18 months ago, whether this is all relevant or not I don't know. ... (24 replies)
... hi nyx mm yes i leave it alot longer and i have 2 5ml max strength liquid iron i eat dried figs red meat liver pate fruit vit c and oj chasers it really has gone up from a 7 to 11.8 in 7 days the platlets the same they are now 190!!! but im feared it will be messing up the thyroid anyway an d it will make us... (18 replies)
... Have you been taking your thyroid and iron meds at the same time? The iron should be taken on an empty stomach (1 hour before or 2 hours after eating), with some orange juice or vit C for better absorbtion. It should also be taken at least 4 hours away from your thyroid meds because iron tends to inhibit thyroid medication. Hope this helps :) (18 replies)
... hello all my iron buddies and anaemics where did you all go and does anyone have storys of how they went after the meds i mean did anyone go hypo or hyper after having the iron and how much did it bounce you around xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlove form katxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:mad: :angel: :mad: :angel: :mad: :angel: (18 replies)
... oh no another problem!!!! i have been on a large amount of iron all week thing is now my thyroid feels swelled hard to swallow and i think all the meds have totally unsettled my thyroid meds and everything do they make us go hypo more while on them all i know is if we are fully optimated it should help the iron absorbing but ... (18 replies)
... hi mutti one yes we are all freinds cos after all we have to suffer a very horrid disease and only a few of us lucky ones get through and ctually feel well on the thyroid meds mandy you are not welll im not well alot of us anot well, plus us anaemics have to deal with anxiety with the thyroid meds and it maks it much worse , your ... (18 replies)
... I recognise so much of what you say....... was at Drs yesterday and I know he thinks I am over anxious... Have read somewhere that low ferritin can interfere with T4/T3 conversion??? I have never had anxiety/panic attacks in my life until I began this journey!!! My ferritin is low but borderline 12 am recommended ferrous sulphate but has anyone any suggestions for best med to... (18 replies)
... why thankyou very much !!! i am very lucky to have such great freinds really! im pretty sure my drs think im a loony but as ive been reding more and more about this the thyroxine and anaemia it seems it may be the missing peice and one more thing i will never come of that iron med again... (18 replies)
... Good Luck at the Doctors to mos Hun, fingers crossed ...Mandy xxx (18 replies)
... Hugs to you lady katherine. Just keep reminding yourself that you are finally on the right track now and you will get this sorted. Chin up girl. You got a lot of friends here. We'll all watch over you. hpxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (18 replies)
... hi im sorry to hear thsi about you and yes it does make it horribel and hard to tolearate and completly made me look like a loony at my drs they sent me to a shrink but if they ahd looked it up then yes for sure i now know aswell that it is due to the anaemia and makes severe anxiety it does get much better a s your iron does you... (18 replies)
... Pursie your name cropped up on some of the boards - palpitations skipped beats etc - I have had exactly the same..... did these resolve at all? I'm hoping to see Dr Peatfield at the end of the month I am so anxious about my health at the moment which of course doesn't help with palpitations etc... Whilst there shouldn't be so many of us 'out there' its so reassuring to... (18 replies)
... hi all and m yes last time i had to pay for the t3 i didnt have aproblem last time my tsh was low and the t4 was high the t3 pulled up with it and i feel abit hyper to be honest but you are right they can all mimick each other theese thyroid things my eyes are abit stary and wide to m i feel abit hyper and im hungy as hell but i shall... (18 replies)
... Hi all really interesting stuff...... I' told my blood count is just below 'normal' at 78 reference range 79 - 97 I don't know what this is..... spoke to practice nurse will follow up with Dr still waiting for ferritin. Is the Free T3 level better tested through a saliva test does anyone know? These seem easier to pursue in UK - I need to get copies of blood tests - I need... (18 replies)
... hi lady di wow!!!!! thats horrible my iron is at an all tiem low of 7 rnage here is 22 to 18 dont knwo if yours is the same red blood count is 2. somthing rang 4 to 8 i think and low platlets and yes it creeps up on us i have had this bad and i also have a small fibriod !! well my dr says its nothing to worry about ... (7 replies)
... thankyou all so much you are true freinds , yes they always do the ferritin and when they saw my blood count the professer at the hospital got onto my drs to repeat and he ran hungreds of tess of the blood he already hamy ferritin has been 33 for ages thing is i have been anaemic in the begging got it unger control then it has got bad ... (7 replies)

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