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... throat feeling that I used to have as often as not! That alone would make the surgery worth it. They told me that each lobe should be about the size of a thumb and each of mine were the size of 3 thumbs. ... (23 replies)
... but they do not. I always thought it was a sinus drainage thing. Now after seeing these posts I am beginning to wonder. ... (23 replies)
... I have also had this for a while. Since i am on thyroid meds it has been much better i must say. I complained to my dr about it alot and my dr. ... (23 replies)

... I got an MRI and have a 22 mm mass seen on my left thyroid discovered incidentally. None of the doctors seem to be too concerned about it, but I have symptoms of hurting neck, dizzy, etc. I need a FNA because of the size. I have already had US. What happenned with you? ... (23 replies)
... I have had a sore neck for a few years doc's kept telling me it was pulled muscles. ... (23 replies)
... although I don't eat anything that would cause this lump in my throat I am under a lot of stress with a recent death in the family. ... (23 replies)
... I have had the same lump feeling for a few months now. I may be totally off base here but I think I figured out that mine has to do with Iodide....which takes a huge role in thyroid function. I started using seasalt for a while and that's when the lump started. ... (23 replies)
... I'm not trying to hijack this thread but is this the same as waking up in the middle of the night and thinking that you just swallowed a ring, rock, jawbreaker, or something? ... (23 replies)
... When I was first diagnosed with "LPR", I did Prevacid for about 8 months, then the insurance company dropped that in favor of Nexium, I took Nexium for about 6 months. Neither made any positive change in the way I feel. The only thing they did was constipate me. ... (23 replies)
... butted me in the neck about a week ago. Since then, I've had this type of sensation going on. It was hurting a bit before but now is mostly uncomfortable. I'm guessing it was sort of bruised or something. ... (23 replies)
... If you don't believe your trouble is from any kind of reflux, you'd be wise to reconsider taking it, JMHO. ... (23 replies)
... to that area of the throat, if it's even slightly red, they will say it's reflux. ... (23 replies)
... i have such a low esteem for endo's. doctors in general but endos are the worst. ... (23 replies)
... lived with it now for nearly 3 years. For me, it has been very hard to convince the doctors that it is indeed related to my thyroid disorder and not just "LPR", a form of acid reflux that affects the throat and causes very similar symptoms. I have had a scope down my throat at least a half a dozen times, ultrasounds, etc. ... (23 replies)
... I've been experiencing this also, mostly in the last couple of months. It comes and goes also, today it feels horrible though, kind of like something is choking me ! ... (23 replies)
... and goes for me.......... I had it from July until December, then it went away. It came back mid Feb and now is gone since March 1st. When that sensation comes of fullness in my neck, I could draw you a circle where every nodule is....... I am hoarse and feel tired...... I know the pattern now. ... (23 replies)
... doc believes what I tell him. He didn't have a certain explanation, but he thinks it has to do with inflammation of the nerves in the gland and the brain interpreting that inflammation as an actual lump. ... (23 replies)
... i had it when i was a kid with hyperactive thyroid, and as an adult now with hashi's it has come back. it is not constant, thankfully, because sometimes the feeling is darn annoying. ... (23 replies)
... Yes, the nodule was making me feel extremely "chokey" one day, I could barely get my mind of it. I noticed I would always be tugging at whatever I was wearing even it is was loose because just fabric touching the area would bug me. ... (5 replies)
... I had a total thyroidectomy 2 weeks ago. I started writing up my story to maybe help others. If you'd like to see the pictures, please email me. ... (38 replies)

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