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... I have a hard time with your FT4 lab range because it is so low compared with most FT4 lab ranges. I don't know if being towards the top of the lab range of . ... (8 replies)
... of range. This is near optimal. But your TSH is showing hypoT. The lab ranges your lab used are way out of date. Pre 2002 out of date. Your thyroid profile is in complete. I suspect your not converting you T4 to T3. The question is why? ... (4 replies)
... How did I get diagnosed? You asked the BIG question. Well I did it myself after having MDs lead me about by the nose for five years telling me.. YOUR NORMAL. I argued and ordered my past MD to test the thyroid and then thyroid antibodies when I learned of my extensive thyroid family history. My mother and her four sisters all have thyroid autoimmune issues (One pure... (8 replies)

... I was tested low on DHEAs as well as Testosterone. Taking 50mg DHEA supplement daily has brought my DHEAs and free Testosterone up to the middle of their lab ranges. ... (3 replies)
... as we age we do decrease in this and it is normal. the lab ranges are meant to take this into account so I will assume your lab ranges are age appropriate. if this is the case, taking DHEA can help but bear in mind we will all convert dhea to something different. ... (11 replies)
... Anybody else had lab results that? ... (1 replies)
... Thanks so much for your insight and reply! I agree with you re: adrenals. I've been wondering if this is an issue as well. It would appear that I definitely could have some adrenal fatigue symptoms- possibly severe from what I can tell. I'm still at the beginning of my research into that, and am wondering to what extent adrenal fatigue is accepted by the mainstream doctors?... (9 replies)
... your post it seems to me like you are definitely doing all the right things with regard to educating yourself on thyroid. Your TSH is higher than normal and the lab ranges used are outdated for this. 1 is what I believe most normal people have. ... (9 replies)
... angel.gif I've read about subclinical hypothyroidism for what seems like days now but I still didn't know to post the lab ranges. I just assumed that all the lab ranges were the same for everyone's tests. I don't know if this helps. ... (2 replies)
... Both the Dr and the nutritionist thinks that the DHEA is low and overcompensating because the cortisol is too high. My 8am was ok... ... (8 replies)
... is a better indicator than DHEA of high androgen levels, if that is your concern. ... (8 replies)
... I got my physical lab results. Will be going over them with the D.O. today. But I was hoping to get some feedback as I am afraid this Dr. will be quick to prescribe meds. ... (8 replies)
... He is doing nothing right now since my ranges are "normal". Though he is referring me to an endocrinologist for further evaluation and biopsy of the nodules. ... (8 replies)
... but never flagged until recent lab ranges lowered. ... (1 replies)
... I really need some opinions on my latest lab results. My main concern is my estrogen levels, I saw an endocrinologist and he told me my estrogen levels are very normal and that Im healthy. ... (1 replies)
... ADDED RANGES LABS: TSH 0.94 (0.4 -5.00) T3 Free 3.0 pg/mL (2.3-4.2) Reverse T3 295 pg/mL (90-350) T4 Free 0.93 ng/dL (0.75-1.76) Anti-TG 32 U/mL (<60) Anti-TPO 38 U/mL (<60) (3 replies)
... I'm no expert but it seems that your test results are allllll over the place. Which seems to be weird. I'd get a new doc, one who looks at all of these for more than 2 minutes. (1 replies)
... Here are the results of labs I've had taken since I first started not feeling well over 3 years ago! Even though I've been chronically ill for over 3 years, no doctor up to now has pursued my case because all of my labs have come back within the "normal" ranges. Any thoughts anyone on these results below??? I am also looking for a doctor here in Southern California who... (1 replies)
... i dont know much, im new to the hypothyroid world myself. i do know you need extra testing done, then please post your results with your lab ranges so others can help. ... (5 replies)
... I have read up that the lab ranges changed in 2002 so I have been seeking out doctors that will help me. I finally found a doctor who would help me then my insurance dropped him. ... (6 replies)

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