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... Tell me your story please. I have thyroid history from 20 years ago where most of my thryoid was removed. Now the remaining peice of thyroid has nodules. Its not the nodules that bothers me, its the neck pain and ear pain/fullness/partial deafness? It is non stop. NEVER goes away. I do have appt with endo on Jan 8th but I want to hear others stories of their diagnosis. ... (39 replies)
... Thank you sammy64, I def feel tired of visiting so many docs. My insurance is probably like, "what's going on here?, she hasn't visited a doc in about a year (and only for my yearly) and now she's had like 7 or 8 visits." I'm sooooooooooo tired of it all, but yes, it looks like everyone on here as to go through the same thing. I feel it's kinda picking a needle out of a... (12 replies)
... my guy. I am tired of the low energy, the headaches, the bitchiness, the fever and aches, the coughing and choking and rapsy voice. And have gradually developed fullness in my ears and can't hear as well. ... (39 replies)

... day, but on days when it's really obvious I also have a mild sore throat, super brain foggy feeling, heavy limbs, extreme fatigue, headache, ringing in my ears, ear pain and popping, increased hand pain on both sides, collar bone and shoulder pain on one side. ... (0 replies)
... also, i seem to always have ear fullness, not pain, no ear infection and was curious to see if other's had these problems. ... (3 replies)
... due to this. My symptoms were ear pain, jaw pain, hoarsness that came and went, sometimes lasting weeks at a time, pain when turning my head and a feeling of extreme fullness in my neck. I had headaches, and several symptoms. ... (6 replies)
... years. Irregular heartbeat, Low heart rate, inabilaty to lose weight, fullness in my neck dry skin and hair, swollen legs. ... (1 replies)
... go smoothly as well. I dont get a cough but i am constantly clearing my throat, like i got a loogie stuck in is so annoying. I also experience alot of neck pain and ear fullness. Endo doesnt think its related to the thyroid, but surgeon said it very well good be, so i guess time will tell............. ... (37 replies)
... I'm praying the neck pain and ear fullness subsides once the thyroid is out...surgeon said its possible that its pressing on a nerve causing these symptoms but couldnt say for sure. ... (6 replies)
... chronic fatigue and candida. Besides all the symptoms of thyroidism, i also have feelings of post nasal drip that i have never had until this illness and severe neck pain and ear fullness with an off balance feeling and tons of other symptoms. Take all the symptoms of the syndromes i just mentioned and put them all together. ... (10 replies)
... vidence of swelling from reflux, as well as damage from the acid. My vocal cords were good, and he didn't see anything else suspicious. However, he palpated my neck while I swallowed and indicated that my thyroid was slightly enlarged. When he pushed on my thyroid, it replicated the feeling I have in my throat. ... (5 replies)
... and is a "complex" cyst. I also have multiple smaller complex cysts on both lobes. I started having the ultrasounds as I was having right neck, ear and facial pain and it was picked up incidentally on a carotid US. ... (5 replies)
... ngle 7mm nodule on the right lobe of the thyroid on a carotid ultrasound in November 2007. I had gone to my primary MD then due to right neck, behind the right ear and right facial pain. Six months later the US showed a couple of nodules with the largest being 8 mm. ... (2 replies)
... bably aren't talking to me since I don't know what caused my reactive lymph node. But it was 1.3 x 1 x .5 cm. Best I can tell it is still there. And I have this fullness and slight pain into that ear. They didn't tell me to do anything for it. Almost feels like salivary gland involved. ... (7 replies)
... in this area. My whole neck and the side of my face feel a pull and often feel swollen. I also have pressure and fullness in my ear. Well, this has been going on for months, but I only noticed the lump in early October. ... (8 replies)
... but I don't know if the ear pressure is inflaming the jaw or the jaw inflamation is putting pressure on the ears. ENT appt. in 2 weeks to work on that issue. ... (16 replies)
... But I know that these things are not normal for me. Hopefully the Eye, ear nose and throat dr can help me with this. What do you think? ... (321 replies)
... Hashimoto's thyroiditis often begins with a painless enlargement of the thyroid gland or a feeling of fullness in the neck. ... (67 replies)
... Hashimoto's thyroiditis often begins with a painless enlargement of the thyroid gland or a feeling of fullness in the neck. ... (30 replies)

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