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... From the look of your tests (cortisol and DHEA and ReverseT3) you may be dealing with an adrenal problem. When cortisol levels are elevated your body will shift to producing more ReverseT3 instead of T3 - RT3 is inactive. T3 is produced from inactive T4 and quite a bit is converted into Reverse T3 to help clear the T4 from your system, under conditions of stress (high... (3 replies)
... i do suggest you get a second opinion ...i'm currently trying (if i can get up early enough;) ) to be tested for adrenal fatigue, and have a similar dist. of body fat around my mid-section and a puffy face, all of which are hypo symptoms too, but i just want to be sure... surely you can get another doctor? one who's willling to put more time into your case? jb (6 replies)
... Thanks Meep and everyone else. My doctor already told me on the phone today that he believes my elevated cortisol levels are "artificial cortisol", meaning they are elevated just because I am stressed and depressed. ... (6 replies)

Thyroid concern
Jan 1, 2002
... problem, I would like to focus this column on your intense fatigue, your other symptoms of irritability, poor sleep and overwork and, finally, your general high levels of anxiety and stress. ... (2 replies)
... This should be helping you as long as there is not an interruption in the conversion paths to aldosterone and cortisol. If you are not converting it to cortisol but instead shunting it to estrogen synthesis.. well it may be hurting you. Talk it over with your OB. ... (3 replies)
... alone is insufficient a MINIMUM of a TOTAL T3 and T4 test should be run in addition to the TSH. I prefer the free T3 and Free T4 because I am female and I have elevated estrogen and testosterone. I am also taking medication that suppresses my TSH. ... (22 replies)
... hormones are delicate things and it doesn't take much to cause an imbalance it seems. I'm on medicationg called Cortate to elevate my cortisol levels. ... (7 replies)
Truly FED UP!
Jan 28, 2009
... So your MD is basing Graves on symptoms and elevated FT4 levels alone? ... (39 replies)
... You need your ACTH and cortisol levels checked. I suspect your cortisol may be slightly elevated given your high DHEA. There is a big difference between normal and optimal. I was in normal range.. but had antibodies higher than yours. ... (4 replies)
... Your free hormone levels are quite low. Is your doc at all concerned with your symptoms or numbers? ... (2 replies)
... Im 18 years old, iwas diagnosed with Hashimotos a couple years ago. My recent blood test has shown that i have elevated t4 levels, which believe are not being converted to T3, also my thyroid is quite swollen and i can feel it when I swallow. ... (7 replies)
... However, when the dog reached stage III, or adrenal exhaustion, the adrenals could not keep up the cortisol production, but the brain was still sending the signals to make more cortisol. ... (0 replies)
... but since that's impossible we try to find out what the body is doing in reaction to that output. Your T3 and T4 levels are the levels of hormone that are floating around in the body whereas the Free T3 and Free T4 are the levels of hormone that are available for use by the body. ... (6 replies)
... my free cortisol level for the morning is the lowest end of normal. for late night it is elevated. midday and early afternoon are normal. ... (2 replies)
... Especially in light of the high Cortisol levels you are reporting, you should lok into treatment and diagnosis of Cushing's disease. It would explain the weight gain and fluid retention. ... (1 replies)
... Thank You for any help ahead of time. I have been dealing with a large number of health symptoms for the past 6 years and have had no luck getting treatment until recently I switched doctors and he's actually started to take me seriously and help and run some tests. ... (0 replies)
Hashi's or more?
Nov 3, 2016
... ausea and digestive issues. My skin is more brown, like a permanent tan. I noticed during my research that while not an absolute, potassium will typically show elevated levels while sodium will be low with Addison's and while my potassium is creeping up to HI it is not over the range yet. ... (2 replies)
... Two levels "normal" but I found on low side that I know can affect and involve thyroid. ... (5 replies)
... While your iron is good your iron stores are on the very low side of normal, have you had B12 levels checked, or iron saturation tests etc done? ... (7 replies)
... What is the suggested treatment for it? ... (12 replies)

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