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... I had a partial thyroidectomy in Aug. Since then I have experienced a strange sensation in my neck that comes and goes at the surgery sight. The only way I can explain it is "a presence". It doesn't hurt at all. It is more of a feeling of fullness. ... (0 replies)
... I can only speak after the TT. I have fullness, tightness, feels like something is always in my throat. To day was a good example. My neck and throat area was so tight and full, I thought my breathing was affected. I guess it just various from person to person. ... (10 replies)
... Had goiter removed a year ago and am on Synthroid. Have been feeling the neck pressure and fullness again in my throat, the horseness. ... (4 replies)

... hi im 25 and preg with 2nd child 4 years ago i got ill and ended up with over active inflamed thryoid witch healed its self with in 6months anyway ive been getting this felling in my throat like a lump feeling my neck is full and im clearing my throat all the time its giving me sore throat i had a awful tightness in my neck at easter weekend that i couldnt swallow no... (1 replies)
... T4 test. I will mention that when they call with my blood results. The nurse told me this morning she could feel lots of fullness in my neck. ... (8 replies)
... Your fullness could be from the nodules themselves, or the entire gland is probably slightly enlarged. ... (5 replies)
... Pinkprincess, Sorry you are going through all of this. Hashimotos thyroiditis is a hereditary disease. Other thyroid issues are not necessarily so: thyroiditis, postpartum thyroiditis, non-functioning thyroid gland, and iodine deficiency. As for the nodules, it is possible they are causing you discomfort. If they press on the right nerves within your throat, you would... (5 replies)
... About 3 months ago I started to have discomfort,a feeling of fullness on the right side of my neck and discomfort when I swallow. ... (5 replies)
... SH, T3 and T4 levels have all been normal each time they were checked. These are the only thyroid studies I have had done. For the last six months or so I keep feeling fullness in my throat and keep feeling like I need to clear my throat but never have anything there! Kind of a dull ache, sore throat feeling also. ... (2 replies)
... This sensations has come on slwoly over the last several months and varies from day to day, but on days when it's really obvious I also have a mild sore throat, super brain foggy feeling, heavy limbs, extreme fatigue, headache, ringing in my ears, ear pain and popping, increased hand pain on both sides, collar bone and shoulder pain on one side. It feels like somebody's... (0 replies)
Neck "fullness"???
Apr 27, 2006
... labs back, all the dr would tell me was that my TSH got down to 0.32 ..... Geeze i still feel the same as when it was 15.8...blah blah blah. I do also know the feeling about having lots of diseases but mine are all undiagnosed since they always clear up when it DR time. ... (7 replies)
Neck "fullness"???
Apr 27, 2006
... I get swallowing probs big time when I'm undermedicated. To the point of losing weight. DO MENTION the feeling of fullness inside your throat to the doc. ... (7 replies)
Neck "fullness"???
Apr 27, 2006
... Sure hope all's okay and the feeling goes away for you soon. I understand what you mean and thought I'd share my story. ... (7 replies)
Neck "fullness"???
Apr 26, 2006
... I found out i was hypo last aug, i was in really bad shape. But for the neck part i was loosing my voice, I would gag sometimes, I had sleep apnea or what ever its called, I snored very loudly. ... (7 replies)
Neck "fullness"???
Apr 26, 2006
... I feel the same way. Just was diagnosed with boarderline HyperT. Started meds this week and already that feeling has diminished. Don't freak out. Good luck. Let us know what the Doctor said. ... (7 replies)
... thing out. THen I won't have to worry about that awfully uncomfortable feeling again. ... (3 replies)
... of fullness in my neck that frighten me. I have had MANY ultrasounds and biopsies and a nuclear scan. ... (0 replies)
... I went to my family doctor because of difficulty swallowing, a feeling of fullness in my throat, fatigue & neck pain (to the side of my thyroid). He thought it was my thyroid right away & sent me for a blood test which only showed my wbc count was low. TSH was normal I also got an ultrasound which showed 4 or 5 nodules split between the 2 sides. At least one had... (0 replies)
... Wow!! Hypothyroidism is some serious stuff. I started feeling bad about 2 months ago. I went down hill fast. Terrible snoring, feeling of fullness in throat, visible swelling in neck, severe muscle cramps, carpal tunnel, mood swings, high blood pressure, weight gain. I could go on with more. ... (4 replies)
2nd goiter surgery
Aug 22, 2013
... ery, especially unnecessary surgery. Whatever "they" want to do needs to be justified. Such as... Are you having problems with swallowing or breathing, with a feeling of fullness in your neck? ... (1 replies)

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