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Mgkbrook, re: flax
Nov 11, 2007
... Michael, the definition of "goitrogen" is "a goiter-producing compound". Many foods have goitrogenic properties when ingested in large amounts. Regions of the Third World that rely on cassava or millet as their main dietary staple have astronomic rates of goiter than places which have a wide variety of foods available to them. I don't personally avoid any of the foods... (6 replies)
Mgkbrook, re: flax
Nov 10, 2007
... Don't scarf down another nasty spoonful of flax oil. I was referring to ground flaxseed. That's what threw me for a loop. ... (6 replies)
... I've searched the Net for hours looking for a reference of flax as a goitrogen. ... (8 replies)

... kinds are potent thyroid inhibitors. When a gland is fighting to keep up with the body's demand for adequate thyroid hormone, it will enlarge in response to the goitrogen effect. ... (2 replies)
... you give it. And of course, anything else you notice that worsens symptoms should be avoided. I remember, just before my diagnosis, I started eating 2 tbs. of flax seed daily. ... (5 replies)
... to the point that I literally lost my mind. It was only after I became too sick to go out an buy more flaxseed and my head began to clear that I figured out the flax was to blame. ... (26 replies)
... If the fish oil breaks you out, flax oil might be the answer. The oil itself isn't nearly as goitrogenic as ground seed can be. ... (6 replies)
... x a week. I know spinach is a goitrogen but that doesn't stop me from eating a spinach salad once in a while. It's a whole lot better than eating a burger from McDonald's. ... (30 replies)
Zrt results
Dec 9, 2006
... The primary goitrogen in flax is isothiocyanate, which inhibits iodine uptake by the thyroid, primarily disturbing T4 manufacture. ... (16 replies)
... the goitrogen foods, soy, flax, etc. ... (4 replies)
... To your food list I would add flax seeds. ... (77 replies)
... I can't say diet made much difference in my case, except for the flaxseed I started eating right before I figured out my thyroid was going kaput. The flax is a goitrogen... meaning it inhibits the thyroid from doing its thing. ... (23 replies)
Food and Hashi's
Jun 8, 2005
... Terrible mental symptoms. I luckily ran out of flaxseed and was too sick to go get more. Within 3 days of not eating it, I began to recover my faculties. The flax must have suppressed the little thyroid function I had at that point, rendering me nearly myxedematous. It was scary. ... (12 replies)
... You'll notice I said I ate flax before I was diagnosed and treated. To this day, even though I'm close to reaching my optimal dose, I'm still very paranoid about trying to eat it again. ... (13 replies)
... Thanks Midwest! Hey, I take a Flaxseed oil supplement every day---I think 1000mg. Should I stop taking that as well? Thanks for your advice, Annie (3 replies)
... when I started eating flax every day to reduce my cholesterol. At the end of a month, the flax had made me insane with terrible symptoms, very much as you describe from the soy. ... (3 replies)
... Please clarify your recommendation for taking flax oil. In my experience, that would be very risky for anyone with weak thyroid function. It is a known goitrogen, high in thiocyanate. ... (6 replies)
... Flax oil, flaxseeds, and flax meal are not often mentioned on lists of goitrogen foods. One might assume that's because flax isn't as commonly ingested in North America as are other more common goitrogen foods such as cabbage family vegetables. ... (67 replies)

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